The Welsh Sheep Dog has her say!

Hi Jean and Gang,

Just been having a browse around your Longlease Site, and Im really not too keen on that dreadful photograph of Marian, perhaps you could include one of these instead? I will ask her to take a more recent photo of me if you like. I have also included a link that perhaps you could extract some information about my breed from...remember I am a rare breed! The Welsh Sheepdog Society was formed in 1997 in order to safeguard the future of the indigenous Welsh Sheepdog whose existance was first referred to some 800 years ago.


Hope to see you soon, I would really love to come over and play with you, Simmy and the others. Hope everyone is well, and enjoying the slightly dryer weather.

Love Jasmine
Jasmine, Welsh Sheep Dog.

Welsh Sheep Dog Pups.

Summer 2001!

Good to hear from you!

Hey, which of those pups is you? I was there that day, I know! Any news of Jumbo? Well, refuse to compromise, I quite like that pic of you and Marian that is up there from well over a year ago. Compromise, have made you a new page and put the link in! New pics welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you again, this F&M has been awful! You are only over the hill but we have all been so isolated! Well, the flock for you to practise Welsh Sheep Dog skills on is now up to ten! If we get a few more weeks with no new cases, guess it will be safe for you to come over. We are using Citric Acid on the straw mats where animals come in so it won't hurt your paws.

Simmy and Sunny send you all love, they have missed you.

Big Hugs,

Jean, Sunny, Simmy and the Gang

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