More Feline Friends
Sockie and Bammie the Cats.

Sockie the Cat

Bammie the Cat.

More of the Cabler Critturs....

"A couple more scans here...these two michief makers were Cinderella's brother and sister. Sadly, we lost them both after ten years of experiencing life together. We moved to a new home in a different area and, after a year of becoming familiar to their surroundings, both disappeared within a week of each other. We were and still are heartbroken. Cindy is all who's left of the three silly kitties born on our doorstep. All born 1987, Sockie (because he looks like someone socked him in the eye) and Bammie (because she would bang against the screen door and literally sound like some huge person knocking) were lost in 1997. Bammie looks appropriately spooky with her pumpkin which was photographed way back in '90!

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