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Halesbern Candy Man

Born May 10th 2015

The new furry Simmons addition..

....is delicious, addictive, beautiful, and so much unbridled fun he should be illegal.

July 31st 2015 - Delightedly introducing our 12 week old Joey/Buddy/Nico ( nope, we STILL can't decide on a name,) whose posh name is Halesbern Candy Man. He is currently pouncing on the pink Cosmos and devouring them....so maybe he's going to be called "Cosmo".

Do send name ideas! ( and/or Cosmos plants!)

We are head over heels, and to a pathetic degree, in love with the young chap...

August 12th 2015

Dear Auntie Jean

My mum didn't get round to send my latest photos last night. Which is a shame since I would have LOVED to chat with you. Still, here are some of my latest:

I love, love, LOVE paddling in water....as my mum got strangely exasperated of me paddling in my water bowl 265 x day and flooding the kitchen ( why??? It made the floor fabulously cool and slippery) she put improvised "paddling pools" everywhere. I don't mind what it is but I just LOVE washing my paws and making a splash!

Exercise is also important, that's me doing yoga - neat, ey?

Ok, so this one is just a profile shot - sparkly teeth, doncha think?

My mum says I'm a "working dog" so I'm helpinh with some housework.

All this work, posing and exercise can leave a young Berner chap exhausted, better have another beauty sleep. Yawn

Puppy kisses and a bop with my paw



PS. That is now my Official Name and I'm in the Berner-Garde Database!

B-G ID=123150

August 27th 2015

I'm tempted to send it to Ben & Jerry's! Could there be cuter product advertising? Surely not.....

Michaela & the blissful ice cream consumer Joey

September 11th 2015

Well.....my Joey certainly has a strong "working instinct".

This morning his "work" consisted of running off with a broom, a cleaning sponge - I presume he wanted to scrub the lawn which he destroyed with his peeing, bravo! - and culminated with him pitching in with watering the plants. Wish he would have watered them! The only thing getting thoroughly soaked was himself. Which he thought was a very good thing since earth sticks MUCH better to wet fur. He still needed to dig an enourmous hole....now my beautifully clean puppy looks despicable. Which he thinks is just awesome!

Anyone interested in adopting a filthy 4 month old Bernese? Anyone....???? He is cheap to feed - earth seemingly will do just fine. Since he apparently ate most of his excavation. I am contemplating renaming him "Forrest Gump"...which sane puppy eats a truckload of earth?

Happy October!

May you enjoy the falling leaves...and hanging out with good friends. I do!

Much love

Joey and his mum

Puppy uglies - the truth....

....and nuthin' but the fluffy headed, long eared strange looking truth. As god is my witness - he was a perfectly normal pretty puppy a mere month ago.

Puppy uglies - the horror continues :-)

If someone could explain what is going on with the hair on his head and the snout growing like Pinocchio's nose, I'd be much obliged. The tips of his ears are sort of bouncing on his shoulder blades. Extraordinairy!

Yowsa !! Lol

Michaela and ugly Duckie

School days


Dear Auntie Jean

I hear my mum thinks I am an ugly bug. Charming! You should see HER first thing in the morning. Do you hear me making rude remarks about her woeful appearance? No. I am a polite young Bernese gentleman.

Anyhow, to sort of counteract this supreme insult, I thought you'd be impressed by my recent puppy class photo. Here we are practicing "sit-stays" and "wait" whilst surrounded by sheep ( the fluffy white dots in the background and there were lots more in the front). Pretty tricky, but we all did it.

Humphrey, the Labradoodle to my left, is the class swat. He is perfect in EVERYTHING. Zeus, the chocolate Labbie to my right, is also a goodie two shoes. Mercifully some of my other class mates - who couldn't fit in the picture - share my sense of opposition to the HUGELY oppressive regime of our owners. Don't believe me that I am opressed? Well, judge for yourself, Auntie Jean : "Joey, LEAVE the sheep/pony/any other shit", "Joey, come ...NOW", "Joey, wait", "Joey, gently, don't snatch", "Joey, LEAVE the sheep/riders/joggers/bikers".....and on an on and on in this vain it goes. Deeeeepressing.

I SWEAR she tried to trade me for Humphrey...because he never, ever sets a paw wrong. But how am I supposed to hear her since I apparently have floppy ears the size of an elephant? Those heavy ears act like a soundproof barrier, yes they do!

Anyhow.....since my mum finds me ugly and a handful...can I come and live with you?? I give AMAZING kisses. AND I can carry the mail. I even shred letters most diligently if so required which is useful as it prevents identity theft. It isn't even true that I know nothing : I know sit, down, drop, give, heel, go back and I'm pretty good at gently, wait, slowly, steady and leave. "Come" is a work in progress, cough, cough.

What do you think? I could even be classified as a refugee since I am seeking political asylum from THIS oppressive regime. My mum is a tyrant: "come" when I am busy playing with fellow pups???!!!! Rescue me!

I'm not ugly..I am currently morphing into the world's most delectable Bernese. Be warned though, I am HUGE. Not chubby, just BIG. Broad. Solid.

Should I start packing my suitcase to trundle on up to you? Don't YOU say you'd rather have Humphrey,the super cute , smart, brown wonder Doodle-boy, as well!

Love n'licks

Your Joey

***Joey, come on up! Auntie Jean

In Loving Memory of

Neil and Michaela Simmons-Lackner's


Galligade Oregano Lord
May 3rd 1998 to

February 24th 2011
aged 12 yrs 10 1/2 mths
B-G ID=58888
Galligade Mister Juggler
July 26th 2001 to

June 1st 2008
In Immeasurable Sadness
B-G Dog ID = 63954

"Dogs lives are too short. Their only fault, really". Agnes Sleigh Turnbull

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