"I'll Pick My Own Stud, Thank You!"

With thanks to Chris Baker
Bakers' Bernese Blessings

Several years ago, I knew a lady with a beautiful, show quality Dalmatian bitch---her first "breeding" girl. This lady did everything as she should, did the genetic screenings, kept the female in terrific shape, showed her, etc. So, the time comes, a breeding heat & off goes the young lady to be bred at a well-known Dalmation kennel, to a proven stud dog----but no luck, no pregnancy.

Oh well, try again (different stud), two strikes now, still no puppies. Owner is getting frustrated ! A third try also fails, this young lady is not getting pregnant. The Vet checks her out, head to toe, blood work & all and she checks out perfectly!

By now, this lady figures she has a sterile girl and considers spaying her, maybe right after her vacation. So, she & her hubby go away for two weeks, leaving the female at home, with their teenage son. They arrive home to find a sheepish son---it seems that the young lady came into heat, right after they left. Given their fenced in yard & her reproductive history, he was not as vigilant about watching her, as he could have been. However, he confesses to finding her in the yard, having an "affair" with the neighbors Newfoundland, who, it seems, leaps fences just fine!

Well, the lady is not happy, but figures there's No Chance of a pregnancy, now, after all that they've tried. And, by now, you've guessed it---the female did get pregnant, really pregnant , and gave birth to 10 beautiful Dalmation/ Newfoundland mixed puppies !! And, they were cute, mostly black (looked like Labs), with some interesting white markings. In the end, all found good homes and the lady decided that, just maybe, dog breeding wasn't for her!

Obviously, this particular female was Only going to have puppies with her true love---that big, beautiful boy next door! (yes, this is a true story).

Chris Baker
Bakers' Bernese Blessings

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