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A Very Happy Day!

The Winston Neff Memorial Award 2013

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From Pat Long, May 18th 2013
in Loveland CO
at the BMDCA National Specialty

"The Winston Neff Award was created to honor the person who does the most for health and rescue in the breed. And this year’s winner is notable for both.

I don’t remember when I first met Jean Cheesman, I do know that it was through the Berner-L. But now? I don’t remember not knowing Jean. She is one of the most caring people we have in the breed, and she works tirelessly behind the scenes. Joye Neff fundraisers? Jean does the websites. I’m not saying that Joye couldn’t find a way to suck money out of our wallets without her, but Jean sure helps make it easier for Joye to do! Lost Berners? Jean has a website for that. The histio roll call? She maintains a website for that too. She runs an eList for people whose dogs have cancer, and she is always helpful in providing treatment and supportive dietary information. She started the super senior website based on the Alpenhorn’s December senior issues, but a place where our double digit dogs can be celebrated year round. She adds links to Berner-Garde on those web pages, and helps get all those super seniors entered as well.

In 2003 when the Berner-L got slammed with a virus and we had to move off of Prairienet, Jean had already thought to set up a Berner-L group on yahoogroups. She has helped run the L for many years, and knows more of the ins and outs of YahooGroups than anyone else I know. And whenever we need to get information posted somewhere accessible, she’s always ready and able to get it online. She claims to sleep, but I rarely email her without getting an immediate response.

So for a lady that has helped in so many ways – this award is small thanks. I just wish she could be here to accept it!"


I was just so stunned to receive this from Pat and learn that I had won this award, so proud and very happy and taken so completely by surprise. The mails from so many people from all over the world congratulating me have been overwhelming.

Thank You Everybody!

Pat accepted the award on my behalf, and I am pleased to say that she also was taken by surprise and presented with her own award too!

Pat's Award

Pat arranged with Jackie Green who was at the Specialty this year to bring it over to the UK for me, Jackie was coming to the Three Counties Dog Show in Malvern which is near here and so, today, I finally received my award

June 18th 2013 - Receiving my award from Karen Bird, Honorary Secretary of the BMDC of GB

Zoom in!

Now to get the award safely home!

Good Girls, we're back with the Award!

Move over Sooty, let me sit down to unpack!

Ida, keep that wagging tail safely out of the way while Kelvin gets it set up and a picture!

Oh, such fun, it's all lit up now!

"Kelvin, thank you so much for taking these wonderful pictures and taking Jean to collect her award!"

"Next time you come over, bring Zeus to visit too!"

For the very first ever Winston Neff Memorial Award

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Coral Denis' Award 2009

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