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Fire Devastation for Trapanis UPDATE!

Sep 19, 2015 - I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for supporting the gofundme page that I set up for John & Cheryl Trapani. You all donated generously from your heart and it will truly make a difference for them. I have now closed the page and I must say, the gofundme personnel were a delight to work with and very cooperative and helpful during this endeavor.

I don't know how much news of this fire you are getting, but I will tell you this: the fire is not out yet, Cheryl & John cannot get back to their house, it's still a 'too hot' area and law enforcement is not letting ANYONE back in until possibly next week.

This is a very rural area, hilly and mountainous, and people have a lot of livestock; i.e., horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, etc...along with numerous cats and dogs. Many of these animals were left to fend for themselves simply because, when the fire broke out, people that were not at home, did not have time to return and tend to the animals. People that were at home, had only minutes to flee for their lives due to the rate at which the fire was moving. All they could do was turn the horses loose and pray for the best; no time to load them up in trailers.

UC Davis has a team of veterinary students up in the area to help and there are many animals being cared for by veterinarians in the surrounding areas. Dogs and cats are coming in scorched, singed coats, smoke inhalation, etc. It's heartbreaking to watch on the news.

The fire has already consumed 67,000 acres, burned 585 homes to the ground, along with numerous other structures.

The Trapanis are going to "pay it forward" with any monies they themselves do not use.

So thank you again for doing the right thing, every little bit helps.

Berner blessings to all,

Sheila Jones

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