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Here is a photo of the Clinic staff.
Our angel Meghan in 2nd row, left (long dark hair, pink top)
Dr. Carroll is top row middle (light blue striped shirt).

Here's Cooper as she left the vet clinic to stay with Shelley & Malcolm, her pre-op and probably post-op foster home.,

Update December 14th '11

I got to 'meet' Cooper yesterday. What a sweetheart!! She's 'Landed in Butter' as Jill would say, being at Shelley & Malcolm's.

Shelley virtually stayed up all night the first night making sure Cooper was OK Cooper is so gentle & friendly, and was wagging her tail fiercely even before I was able to get out of the car.

She's not fond of the camera, but she gives the best Berner kisses ever.


Cooper and Shelley

Cooper and Adrienne

Cooper and Shelley

Update January 6th 2012 - New Pics of Cooper

Cooper and Fred!

A big Hello to all of Cooper’s Special Friends,

Yesterday, Jan 18, we took Cooper up to Sechelt for her Pre-op consultation with Dr. Lorne Carroll The Sechelt Animal Hospital has an incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere, and Cooper had tail wags and kisses for his Special Angel Corri.

Dr. Lorne Carroll is fabulous. I would never hesitate to trust him with any of our precious Berners. He gave us well over an hour, and answered every query possible. Dr. Carroll is very experienced in the TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) procedure, and has also taught the TTA procedure to other veterinary surgeons.

It was Dr. Carroll’s opinion that it would be in Cooper’s best interest to operate on one leg at a time, and separate the surgeries by about 6 weeks. Whatever is in Cooper’s best interest is fine with all of us! Cooper had her first surgery today.

I have just had a Post-op chat with Dr. Carroll, and Cooper has done very well indeed. She was given an epidural which she tolerated beautifully.

Dr. Carroll firstly did an arthroscopy on Cooper’s meniscus. The bad news is that her meniscus was very badly damaged, folded, crushed, and about 50% had to be removed. This much damage may have been due to the prolonged time Cooper had to suffer with her torn ACL, and may appear again in her other knee.

The good news is that Cooper’s TTA surgery was “virtually textbook” and Cooper is being cuddled by her Corri as I write this. She will probably even be able to go back to Shelley and Malcolm’s within 2-3 days! Dr. Carroll also removed the floppy large dew-claw from that leg, and will do the same on her other one during her second surgery.

We will keep everyone up to date on Cooper’s progress. She will need a great deal of Post-op care from Shelley & Malcolm, meanwhile here is a picture of her with her Corri, and also one of Dr. Lorne Carroll.

Thank you one and all.

Without you Cooper would not have been given this second chance for a wonderful life!

Corrie and Cooper

Dr Lorne Carroll

Prepping Cooper's surgery


Resting post op cuddled up to her favourite toy.

January 20th '12 - Morning all! A lovely note from Corrie this morning. It's her day off, but she went to spend time cuddling Cooper anyway. How wonderful, and so reassuring! Such a look from Cooper! Huge thanks to Corrie and Cooper's Team, Adrienne

Hi Adrienne, I went to my work this morning to cuddle with Cooper for awhile. She is doing great!! Resting in her kennel and ate well this morning (which is always a good sign!!!). Talk to you soon. Take care. Corri

Day 2 Cooper Post Op

January 27th '12 - Hello again Cooper friends, Today is one week since Cooper’s first surgery, and she is doing so well! Cooper actually was able to leave the clinic without limping on the 'new' knee, and her biggest problem now is just that she's raring to go, so she's a little bored with being kept calm.

Dr. Carroll and his wonderful staff are in regular contact; and Cooper had a post-op visit today, her cartrophen injection, and lessons on physiotherapy. She’s not too thrilled with the physio, but she’s a stoic girl, and surrounded by love. She absolutely never complains. Such a classy little lady!

Dr. Carrol will see Cooper again next week when Shelley & Malcolm take her back to visit her special team in Sechelt; meanwhile she is the centre of attention; eating & sleeping well, and all bodily functions 100%. Yes!!

Here's a sweet photo of Malcolm Fletcher cuddling Cooper inside her temporary X-pen. Also a pair taken during her scope for those interested.

<enlarge> <enlarge>

February 1st 2012 - Last night was Cooper's final Post-op spent in her X-pen, other than stairs, she has freedom to move around her home-at-last as she pleases.

March 9th 2012 - Cooper's 2nd Surgery

Cooper had her 2nd TTA surgery on Tuesday this week, surrounded by her special friends at the Sechelt Animal hospital, Corrie, Dr. Lorne Carroll, Meghan and all. She was even able to come home on Wednesday!

Cooper did exceptionally well in this surgery despite the fact that there was more damage to the meniscus than expected, so that part of her procedure couldn't be handled arthroscopically, and so her incision is larger. She is now microchipped, and has had both wobbly dew claws removed (one during each surgery). Cooper was already putting all her weight on her other repaired leg, so now she has that strong one to lean on for her recovery period. She's the new Bionic Berner!

Cooper was so happy to see us, especially her new 'Forever Mom' Shelley, and slept on the ferry and for most of the drive home. Shelley reported: Cooper is such a good girl. She settled in well last night. She was still a bit swollen when we got home but a cold pack seems to have lessened the swelling. She slept really well without wanting to bother with her leg at all - she needed covering with the cool night so was nicely snuggled. She's bright this morning, had her breakfast and meds and is snuggled down for a mid-morning nap. Now that's a wonderful life!

That "Wonderful life!" is a reference to some laughs we had over my iPhone ring tone, but how appropriate, as Cooper is truly on to a happy, healthy 'Wonderful new life!' It is all thanks to her caring and generous friends who came to her rescue. You!

Gentle kisses and happy tailwags from Cooper,

As always,


See Cooper's story, and how you all helped this girl
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