The 2011/12 Save Cooper Fundraiser

Runs December 8th 2011 through January 31st 2012

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Cooper's Story: Saving Cooper

Dear fellow Berner Lovers:

Christmas is the time of year for giving and helping others less fortunate, and so we are contacting as many Berner/Dog people as we can in hopes that you will open your hearts and wallets to help with "Saving Cooper" 'Cooper' is a sweet two year old Bernese Mountain Dog Girl who suddenly, and sadly not only needs a new Forever Home, but also has blown cruciates in both knees. Cooper came to our attention on Saturday, (2 days ago). I called her Sechelt Veterinary Clinic immediately. The breeder is unknown and so a dedicated group of us have decided to work together to help Cooper through her surgeries, and to find her 'Forever Home'.

Cooper's owners have had a devastating set of circumstances through no fault of their own, and must return home to family in Australia this very week. Cooper obviously could not manage such a trip with her damaged cruciates. A deeply heart-breaking decision was made to euthanise Cooper tomorrow. But………

The Veterinary Clinic in Sechelt B.C. have been incredible, and already raised $1000 towards Cooper's medical costs. Her Vet Dr. Carroll is going to donate his time Pro-bono for the surgeries. His Clinic O.R. staff are also donating their time. So wonderful! So compassionate! The balance of funds are needed for the pricey implants, metal plates, screws etc. for the TPLO, medications, anaesthesia, metacam, cartrophen injections, sentinal patch etc.

As of this moment the owners have legally surrendered Cooper to me, Adrienne Hammond. Their relief and tears of joy that Cooper may have another chance, defy description, but make it all so worthwhile.

Now our goal is to plead & beg for your donations to help pay for this girl's surgery, we are also raffling off some gorgeous Berner items, see below,.

If you can donate, please send what you can, payable to Adrienne Hammond or Coral Denis (with memo 'Care of Cooper') and don't forget to let them know which items you want your tickets for.

Mail your checks to Adrienne or Coral:
Adrienne Hammond,
15695 78A Ave.
Surrey, B.C.,
V4N 0X5
Coral Denis
3186 Hertel Rd.
Ladysmith, B.C.
V9G 1C6

You can donate by checks to Adrienne or Coral, see above, or mail them re. a Paypal or other type of donation

When Cooper has recovered she will be looking for a forever home so if you are interested or know someone that is, please contact Adrienne e-mail:

Thank you so very much for your help

Adrienne & Fred , Coral & David, Madeline & Geoff, Jody Morrison, Ingrid Miller, Marje & Tom, ......................and others too

December 7th '11
Before we have even launched this Fundraiserr, the wonderful news that BEHAF (Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund) have generously agreed to help with $1000 towards Cooper's care . Thank you BEHAF!
Your BEHAF dollars at work

December 30th '11 Update re. Cooper's Surgery
I just spoke with Tamara at the Sechelt Clinic. Tamara is the technician who will be working on the anaesthesia for Cooper. Meghan and Corrie are off today.Dr.Carroll is not back until next Tuesday, at which time we'll have a better idea of when Cooper's surgery may be scheduled. Shelley Fletcher and I have agreed we will travel together to take Cooper up to Sechelt for the date that is chosen. We will keep you informed!

January 9th '12 Update re. Cooper's Surgery
Both Shelley and I spoke with Meghan Graves at the Sechelt Veterinary Clinic yesterday. We will be taking Cooper up to Sechelt for her Pre-Op consultation with Dr. Lorne Carrol on Wednesday January 18th, and then Cooper's surgery is scheduled for Thursday January 19th.
Dr.Carrol has opted for a more advanced, and less intrusive surgery than the TPLO. Instead he will be doing a TTA Tibial Tuberosity Advancement which will give Cooper even better Post-op recovery and future stability.

Quote: "Within days of the operation, animal patients are literally up and walking pain-free"
Also via arthroscopy Dr. Cooper will clear any debris from both Cooper's Meniscus
This is such exciting news, and all of you have helped make this journey for Cooper.

For updates on Cooper's surgery <click here>

January 27th '12 Cooper Post-Surgery
Today is one week since Cooper’s first surgery, and she is doing so well! Cooper actually was able to leave the clinic without limping on the 'new' knee, and her biggest problem now is just that she's raring to go, so she's a little bored with being kept calm.
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Greetings Cooper's Friends!!

Drum Roll Please!
Here it is, January 31st and as promised Coral & David Denis and I have been on the 'phone for what seems like forever, and 'The Saving Cooper Raffle' items have all been drawn. See below for the results. Congratulations to all the Winners, and huge thanks to all of you for helping to Save Cooper!

Cooper's Forever Home:
I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Cooper's Forever Home will be exactly where it should be; where she already is in the loving care, total devotion and hearts of Shelley and Malcolm Fletcher.

Cooper still has a long recovery road ahead, but thanks to all of you; we have raised enough money to cover Cooper's 2nd surgery; and all of her Post-op care and medications.

If there should be any funds left at the end of Cooper's treatment, they will be kept in 'The Cooper Fund' for the next Berner that needs us.

In Gratitude to each and every one of you

Adrienne & Fred Hammond,
Coral & David Denis,
Cooper and "The Entire Cooper Team"

The Save Cooper Fundraiser

Ticket Prices

2 for $5.00
5 for $10.00
15 for $20.00

Item #1

Water colour print by Martha Van Loan,
#9, of 500, painting done in 1994.

Donated by Marj and Tom Moore

Winner: Mr. Jody Morrison .

Item #2

Berner pulling cart.

Limited edition from Cheeses from Switzerland of a Bernese pulling a cart, mounted on a wooden base,
12 inches long by 7inches high.

Donated by David and Coral Denis

Winner: Lisbeth Plant

Item #3

Bernese cushions

Two tapestry Bernese cushions,

2 cushions have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

Donated by Madeline Knowles and Geoff Huber

Winners: Marianne MacDonald
& Signe Strawser Buckeye BMD

<click to enlarge>

Item #4

"The Bernese Mountain Dog" by Diana Cochrane

One of the earliest books about the breed, Diana Cochrane has been breeding Bernese for nigh on 30 yrs so this book should be an asset for anyone interested in this lovely breed!

Donated by Jean Cheesman

Winner: Cindy McWlliams

<Click to enlarge>

Item #5

Carting dogs harness

They are fleece (blue or black)lined, and adjustable. There are different sizes, but will be supplied the size needed as Sharlene makes these. They also come with a set of traces.

2 harnesses have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

Donated by Greg and Sharlene Whittaker

Winners: Wanda Tait & Robin Hoogwerf

{short description of image}
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Item #6

Stuffed Berner in Winter Scarf & Toque
14" long X 9" high

2 stuffed Berners have been donated
so 2 tickets will be drawn

Donated by Adrienne & Fred Hammond

and anonymous

Winners: Shelley McColl & Robin Korotki .

Item #7

Berner slippers

2 prs of slippers have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

Donated by anonymous,

and Madeline Knowles and Geoff Huber

Winners: Mary & Mike Peleschak & Pudge Delaney

Item #8

"Window Framer"

Hand painted and Donated by Ingrid Miller

Kinda want to say "Hang in there Cooper!"

Winner: Jill Weir

<click to enlarge>

Item #9

Berner Paw Print Pendant - Series 2

The Berner Paw is a "Very Limited Edition Series" designed and custom made to raise money for Berners. These are hand made by a silversmith, using inlaid gemstones and surrounded by mother of pearl to resemble snow. The stones are set in heavy sterling silver. It measures approximately 1"x1"in size. The photo does not come close to showing it's real beauty. It comes with a sterling silver twisted rope chain and gift boxed. (Chain style may vary.)

Designed and Donated by Brenda Broome

2 pendants have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

"All profits from these go to BEHAF and the rest goes into making more of these to donate to BEHAF and BARC. This is a special project of mine to continue thanking all of the Berner L list for all they did for my boy Toby. I designed these myself and have a silver smith make them. They are limited edition and numbered"

Winners : Lois Banta & Teri Jensen

Item #10

Circle of Berners Candle holder
6" Wide X 3.5 " High.

Donated by Adrienne & Fred Hammond

Winner: Signe Strawser Buckeye BMD

<click here for another view>

Item #11

Pair of Berner Mugs
4" High

Donated by Adrienne & Fred Hammond

Winner: Pat Tackett

Item #12

Bernese Mountain Dog Gift Box
from Montana Grassland Mixes

Each box contains:
1 Stone Trapper Frybread Mix
1 Porcupine Creek Pancake Mix
1 Prairie Walker Sweet Bannock Bread Mix
1 Justice Coulee Biscuit Mix
1 Prairie Walker Savory Bannock Bread Mix,
1 Garden Gate Salad Dressing Mix

(The proceeds from the sales of these special Gift Boxes go to Berner-Garde)

2 boxes have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

Donated by Jean Cheesman and Leslee Abern

Winners: Sandra Evans & A. Carlson

Item #13

Autographed copy of
The Bernese Mountain Dog Yesterday and Today
by Silvana Vogel Tedeschi
English Text by Lindy Kunz

Donated by Silvana Vogel Tedeschi and Lindy Kunz
For further details

Winner: Fran Jones

Item #14

Berner photo frame
(hold 4x6 or 3x5)

Donated by Gail Thompson

Winner: George Abbott

Item #15

Dog pulling cart Christmas ornament.

This is a Micheal Park and is numbered 156/250

Donated by Gail Thompson

Winner: Deborah Port

Item #16

Berner scarf

Donated by Gail Thompson

Winner: Marianne MacDonald

Item #17

Berner wrapping paper

Donated by Gail Thompson

Winner: Michelle & Ian Hewitt

Item #18

Berner-L Homepage Photos Collection 2009 & 2010

A Celebration of Bernese Mountain Dogs the world over...

From the Yukon to the Deep South...from Germany to Australia...Berners around the globe come together in these volumes of photographs, as seen on the Berner-L homepage in 2009 and 2010.

Aptly captioned by Pat Long, and complimented with lovingly written anecdotes by the owners, these photo collections celebrate Bernese Mountain Dogs from a truly individual perspective.

With laughter, tears, joy and triumph, these dogs share a window into their unique lives, one photo, one memory at a time.

Compiled and donated by Pat Long and Jaime Meyers

Winner: Bonnie Dick

For the 2009 Berner-l Home Page Photos Collection


For the 2010 Berner-l Home Page Photos Collection

Item #19

"Your Dog’s Best Health:

A Dozen Reasonable Things to Expect from Your Vet"
Signed by the author, Dr. Nancy Kay

Available on Amazon

2 copies have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

Donated by Kathie Meier

Winners Michelle & Ian Hewitt
& Jan & Bernhard Schneider

Item #20

"Speaking for Spot"
Signed by the author, Dr. Nancy Kay

2 copies have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

Donated by Kathie Meier

Winners: Kathy Kennedy and Cindy McWilliams

Item #21

"Pacific Girls",

Copy of original acrylic painting
featuring our Cassie and Katie.
measures 36" x 24".

Painted in acrylic
by local artist Dave Aris, Shawnigan Lake, BC, in 2009.

This is copy no. 2 of 10 and only the second copy to be released to the public.

The print is verified and signed by the painter, and mounted as pictured
Copy no. 1 sold at the 2010 National Specialty Rescue Auction for $300.

Donated by Bill and Lisbeth Plant

Winner: Kristi Davis

Item #22

And now for something completely different!

Gift certificate for a round of golf for four
at Country Meadows Golf Club in Richmond
Valid until December 31st 2012

(Perhaps for B.C. Lower Mainland B.C. bidders only? Unless you live within a reasonable distance, you might not be able to use them.)

2 certificates have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

Donated by Jody Morrison

Winners Stan Mattson & Eileen Makepeace



Item #23

2012 Just Bernese Mountain Dog Calendar.

Donated by Pam and Dave Richardson

Winner: Theresa Kotas


For pics of Cooper and updates on her progress
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