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Donato's Mushroom Flyer

How to recognise Death Cap Mushrooms

For Donato's Blog


Update from Diana - Sept. 2nd '11 - Four dogs have died of mushroom toxicity locally in the last month. Three lived here on the peninsula in San Mateo County and one down in Monterey County. One was a young pup, but the others were not. These dogs are just the ones that I know of.....there could be more. Death Caps are certainly coming up in our yards and parks now. It's been one year since I lost Donato...I hate to think of others going through what my little guy and I did....so I continue to spread the word. A friend suggested that many people in our area have gardeners and perhaps it would be a good idea to translate Donato's flyer into Spanish, see below, the links for the flyer have been added.

Mail the link to this page where ever you think appropriate. Give copies of the flyers to your gardeners. Take them to veterinarians and garden centers. We still need to keep spreading the word. Don't ever think you dog is past the age to be tempted. Protect your four legged friends....and your kids. Check your yard daily. Most Death Caps grow near and under oaks within the drip line (the outer edge of the canopy of the tree) . Especially check anywhere you are irrigating. When Death Caps first come up they smell sweet....and when they get old a dry, they smell like dead fish. Either way they kill. Be careful Pick them, bag them, and throw them away. .

{R-click the image below to save and print this flyer for distribution or
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The Lifcycle of the Death Cap Mushroom

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The variability of Cap Color, Size and Ornamentation in Death Caps

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Update March 9th 2012

This past week another dog in the area died of Mushroom Toxicity. Someone got in touch with our local news station and they decided to do a story on Death Cap Mushrooms and pets. The reporter called me yesterday afternoon to ask if I'd do an on camera interview. You know the answer ....of course I would do it. So Tesoro and I rushed over to the park to meet the news crew.

It wasn't easy being asked to remember those last moments of Donato's life...but that's part of the message....we don't want this to happen to others.

The spot aired last night at both 10 and 11 and they even used it in the promo for the news. Here's the link below.

Donato's Video on CBS

Update March 15th 2012

The word is getting out...only wish they had shown a picture of the mushroom

Daily Post Death Cap Mushroom Article, March 14th 2012
Front Page
continued article page 26

Update June 13th 2014

Cosby and her daughter Bella
This time in Gilroy, California

For Donato's Blog

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David Rust of the North American Mycological Association has also put up an info page about pets and mushrooms

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February 22nd 2010
to August 17th 2010

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