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Announcing a Very Special New Addition to this Page

Paintings by Bernese Mountain Dog, Hazel

Bernese Mountain Dogs Art

This painting by Bernese Mountain Dog, Hazel, entitled:

"Blue on Green"

Note the intricacy of the delicate blue pawprints overlaid on the green backdrop of prints with just a hint of fading yellow, conjuring up the end of spring when the daffodils are almost over but the grass is turning to lush green and the forget-me-nots are coming into flower!

Bernese Mountain Dog Art

Hazel calls this painting:

"Pink on Green"

Evocative of a garden in late June when the fox gloves and wild geraniums are in flower.

Bernese Mountain Dog, Hazel, the artist

Bernese Artist, Hazel, with her latest painting.

17/05/03 Sadly I have to announce that Hazel died soon after these amazing paintings were done.

From proud owner, Karen Alexander, to Willem Wijnberg, a fellow artist, a few weeks before Hazel sadly passed over to the Bridge

"Dear Willem, Hazel thanks you for the compliments on her art work. She has a diseased heart from a birth defect and I thought painting would be fun for her and help raise money to pay her vet bills. I took her to the vet last week and her heart has gotten worse. I am so sad. I gave her heart vet one of her pictures and he was happy. I even took a picture of them together and he was holding his painting. He increased her medicines and said let her be happy. There is no surgery for this. So, we must start painting again soon. I do not think you have anything to concern yourself about the competition. Your artwork is beautiful.

Fondly, Karen Alexander and Hazel - the artist"

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