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LOST -- most likely STOLEN

6 month-old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy in Washington state.

Guinevere "Guinnie" disappeared out of her owner's yard in the Finley area outside of Kennewick, Washington (near Finley and Cochran Roads) early Friday evening, March 7th.

Guinnie weighs about 50 pounds and has more white on one side of her muzzle than the other and big white paws. She is microchipped for permanent identification.

Call Nancy Schultz at 509-438-2841 or me (Amy Tucker) at 707-508-6564

To further complicate things, Guinnie's "Mom" Nancy is back east with her elderly mother visiting her brother who has terminal cancer. They are scheduled to fly home on Monday. Nancy is coordinating efforts as well as she can with her husband Mike who is at home and I'm doing what I can from California. Please feel free to share the post on my Facebook page to spread the word:

www.Facebook.com/HickoryBerneseMountainDogs page

I will try to keep the page updated with any news about Guinnie. You do not need to be on Facebook to view the page.

The local Sheriff said that Guinnie was one of several dogs that have gone missing recently in the area so local people should be careful with their own dogs and make sure their fences are secure and locked and be on the lookout for anyone advertising or selling dogs. The gate was closed when Guinnie was discovered to be missing and they could not find any places in the fence where she could have gotten out. She is a very happy, social and exceptionally friendly puppy so if she had simply gotten out the the fence, she most certainly would have sought out people and have gone to someone by now so we are left with the conclusion that someone has taken her. We are trying to get some media attention as that was key in getting a Berner pup that was stolen in the San Francisco Bay area returned a few years ago.

If anyone has any Washington State media contacts, please, please share the story with them.

Please spread the word and send positive thoughts that Guinnie is returned home soon.

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