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The 9th Annual Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser

Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database

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The Berner-Garde Foundation (BGF) was established to collect, maintain and disseminate information about genetic diseases observed in the Bernese Mountain Dog. The BGF is comprised of a voluntary Board of Directors, several committees and, at it's core, a computerized database. The database contains information which has been compiled over many years from voluntary submissions of data from owners and from other public sources of information.

Check out the website and submit details of your Berners here:

Berner-Garde Foundation and Michigan State University, with support from the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America, have established a repository that will collect, store and maintain DNA and tissue samples from a large population of BMDs, whether affected with a disorder or not, along with pedigree and medical history information. MSU is providing a repository that will store and catalog DNA and tissue samples for future health research purposes, and will use available state of the art diagnostic evaluation of submitted specimens, as well. The samples that will be stored for future research purposes include blood samples, cheek swabs, preserved tissue biopsy samples, and fresh frozen tumor tissue.

To encourage submission of samples to the Repository, the cost of submission of blood, swabs and biopsy samples is covered by funds from Berner-Garde and the BMDCA. The owner will have the cost of shipping and veterinary costs to obtain the sample.

See, the DNA/Tissue Repository link, for more information.

But more funding is needed to help this Foundation continue with it's magnificent work

Please help by making a generous donation to the Berner-Garde Foundation to help with their mission "to ensure that all Bernese Mountain Dogs (BMD) have a long and healthy lifespan of 12 - 14 years." We need everyone's support to achieve this dream!!

All checks/cheques should be sent to Joye Neff.

If it is a check from a U.S. bank, make it payable to the "Berner-Garde Foundation," otherwise make it payable to "Joye M. Neff
She can deposit foreign cheques without any fees.

Send your cheques to:

Joye Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1825

Berner-Garde Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax deductible for US Tax purposes. As always, you should consult your accountant when making deductions on your income tax return

The information in the BGF database is now available online to owners, breeders, veterinarians and researchers who are working to reduce genetic disease in the Bernese Mountain Dog.

In addition to maintaining the database, the Berner-Garde Foundation funds research studies aimed at reducing the health problems found in Bernese Mountain Dogs. Research proposals and grants are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors.

The Berner-Garde Information Pamphlet is now available online.

2008 Berner-Garde Free Ticket Bonanza

January 28, 2008 to February 29, 2008

In appreciation to Berner Lovers everywhere, we have assembled many lovely Berner items to give away to those who have Berners in their lives or who wish they did have a Berner in their life. Tickets to win these wonderful Berner items are FREE!!! How can you get these FREE Tickets? It's easy. All you have to do is send an e-mail to Joye Neff and ask her for tickets. Tell her how many tickets you would like and how you would like her to distribute the tickets you are requesting. For example: "Joye, please give me 20 FREE Tickets. I'd like you to place the FREE Tickets into the following envelopes: 2 each in items number 2, 8, 14, 22, 33. 34, 45, 63, 77 and 89." That's it. Just ask for tickets. People can also request that Joye send FREE Tickets to their friends, mentors and people they admire It's fun!!! Here are the items that you can try to win with your FREE Tickets:

But remember, all contibutions to Berner-Garde will be much appreciated!:-))

Results of the 2008 Berner-Garde Free Ticket Bonanza

Thank you all for your generous contributions to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser. Through your gifts to Berner-Garde, we have raised $4,758.36, with a few more pledges promised. I think that we will hit $5,000 once all of the checks and cheques have arrived! THANK YOU!!!

Along side of our Berner-Garde Fundraiser, I have also run a Berner-Garde THANK YOU Gift Bonanza. Tickets were FREE as a Thank You to everyone who has supported our new DNA and Tissue Repository. Here are the lucky winners of our fantabulous prizes:

{short description of image} Item #1

Donated by Ann Comfort

In Memory of: CH Degrasso's Glory V Legacy
"You were my heart and soul, Carly Marie."

5 Large Needlepoint Berner Puppy Christmas Stockings
with Burgundy Velveteen Back

This adorable berner puppy stands guard in the colored evergreens and ribbon, looking over its treasured ball, candy cane, and presents.

5 WINNERS ARE: Sandy Evans, Donna Wiles, Leah Levy, Donna Curran and Marion Brown

Item #2

Donated in memory of: CH WODAN by Ann and Ben Comfort.
"Wodan was our gentle giant. We will miss you forever"

Before Santa Was Santa by Gareth Lee and Susan Ellenbee;
Illustrated by Mary Garbe
Before Santa Was Santa Twelve days 'til Christmas Count Down ~
Coloring Book by Gareth Lee and Susan Ellenbee;
Illustrated by Mary Garbe

Prepare for a Berner Christmas with this charming book beautifully illustrated by talented artist, Mary Garbe. This is a must have book for the Berner aficionado.

As a bonus, you will also receive the corresponding coloring book

WINNER IS: Jayme McCutchan

Item #3

Items are donated in loving memory of dear sweet Emma, CH Glory's Emma by the Lake, and her lovely daughter, Flora, Glory's Flora V Lakeland. We cherish every moment we had together.

Christmas is for children, or so they say...

Three items are offered for the Berner Fancier who may or may not have children to please. The Crayon Factory features a Berner along with several other breeds. It opens up into an artistic wonderland.

The Before Santa Was Santa Twelve days 'til Christmas... Count Down ~ Coloring Book featuring Mary Garbe's artwork is a wonderful companion to the Crayon Factory.

As a stocking stuffer, the Puppy Love plush toy, holding a heart in its mouth, will be a winner. This adorable plush Berner plays "PUPPY LOVE" when you press the hidden button.

WINNER IS: Bridget Fare Obersteiner

Item #4

Donated by Ann Comfort

In loving memory of Jean Cheesman's Barney
who gave us so many happy memories.

Our plush Berner Santa is ready to celebrate the holiday season with his Santa hat, plaid bow tie, and brass jingle bell.

The Pipsqueak frame, by Mary Badenhop, awaits a picture of your favorite Berner.

This Pipsqueak pin, by Mary Badenhop, is a festive addition to any outfit.

WINNER IS: Kara MacWilliams

Item #5

Donated by by Ann Comfort in thanks to Pat Long, a steadfast friend and the "wind beneath my wings" who continually reminds me, "We are making a difference."

We are offering a signed copy of Nose to Nose ~ A Memoir of Healing by Barry J. Schieber. This heart felt story is a chronicle of Barry's unexpected life with Moritz, a large Berner with an even larger heart.

Also offered in this drawing is a McCartney Berner T-shirt
(Size Large - very roomy!)

WINNER IS: Jan Nelson

Item #6

Donated by Ann Comfort

Berne Heritage Cookbook (Indiana Sister City to Berne)

Switzerland book by Martin Hurlimann

WINNER IS: Val Taylor-Wood

Item #7

Donated by Lisa Baldwin

2 packets of this

homemade treat for your Berners


2 WINNERS ARE: Anne Copeland and Mie Kingsley

Item #8

Donated and signed by the author

Bernd Guenter's magnificent coffee table book

"The Bernese Mountain Dog

A Dog of Destiny"

WINNER IS: Kerry Batting

Item #9

Donated by the photographer

Bernd Guenter's

2009 Bernese Mountain Dog Calendar

WINNER IS: Gwen Causer

Item #10

Donated by

Potomac Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Panama Straw Hat
with a Berner Band

WINNER IS: Dede Laveran

Item #11

Donated by Doris Braun

Berner V-Neck T-Shirt
(Size 46)

WINNER IS: Julia Airgood

Item #12

Anonymous Donor

2007 Woof Soap & Berner Frame

( for 2.5" x 3.5" photo)

WINNER IS: Rikki Lainey

{short description of image}
Item #13

Donated, made and photographed by Doris Braun

"Ziska's Litter" Book by Doris Braun,

featuring the day by day photos
(Day 1 through Day 63)
of the litter in German

WINNER IS: Marianne Jeffyy

Item #14

Donated by Patti Finley

2 Bernese Puppyweights

Made of cloth stuffed with polyfil and weighted with plastic pellets.
It is approximately 4" tall.

2 WINNERS ARE: Lydia McNeese and Alyssa

{short description of image} Item #15

Donated by Patti Finley

Barbie Pet Doctor
(I have checked - No it is not on any recall list).
It is a Berner that has a stethoscope, bone, pill bottle, etc. and there is a heart on the puppy that you can press that will tell you if the puppy needs more care.

WINNER IS: Adeline Maxim

Item #16

Donated by Pat Long

Matted/Framed Beth Schmoyer Puppy at Door Print

WINNER IS: Karen and Mike Doyle

Item #17

Made and donated by Coral Denis

Hand knitted Tri-Color Socks

the winner can choose either the child or the adult version

WINNER IS: Georgiana Webber

Item #18

Made and donated by Coral Denis

Beaded Hand knitted Tri-Color Socks

WINNER IS: Denise McCabe

Item #19

Donated by Coral Denis

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sweatshirt with 2 decals
Size Large

WINNER IS: Terri Babcock

Item #20

Anonymous Donor

Gently Used Red Sweatshirt/embroidered Berner
Size Large

WINNER IS: Carol Stephenson

Item #21

Anonymous Donor

Gently Used dusty blue BMDCA Sweatshirt
Size X

WINNER IS: Adam Conn L

Item #22

Donated by Isle of Dogs

White Coat & Black Coat Shampoo

WINNER IS: Tuuli Yrjönen

Item #23

Anonymous Donor

The Swiss Cookbook
by Nika Standen Hazelton

WINNER IS: Mitchell DuBuc

Item #24

Anonymous Donor

Berner CD Case
(holds 12 CDs)

WINNER IS: Mitchell DuBuc

Item #25

Anonymous Donor

Heart & Flowers Mackenzie martingale collar (24")

WINNER IS: Carolyn McQuillen

Item #26

Anonymous Donor

Berner Family

WINNER IS: Lydia McNeese

Item #27

Anonymous Donor

Set of Berner Mugs

WINNER IS: Sheila Durfee

Item #28

Anonymous Donor

2 Berner Puppy Folders & 2 Notebook

4 WINNERS ARE: Lisa Kaufman, Donna Stayduhar,

Mitchell DuBuc and Patty Wellinger

Item #29

Anonymous Donor

2 Berner Watches

2 WINNERS ARE: Karen Connors and Claire Magee

Item #30

Anonymous Donor

2007 Specialty Derby Stakes Key Ring

WINNER IS: Daniel Airgood

Item #31

Donated by Animal Artworks - Dee Craig

Berner & Puppy painted tile
Size 6" x 6"

WINNER IS: Mitchell DuBuc

Item #32

Donated by TAILS R US - Nancy Stewart

Diane Wat Shirt
Size Med/Large

WINNER IS: Mitchell DuBuc

Item #33

Donated by MONET'S GALLERY - E. Adair/C. Ganz or

Berner Note Cards/Tablets

WINNER IS: Ann-Maree Rogers

Item #34

Donated by Kelp Products

Norwegian Kelp (2 pounds)

WINNER IS: Rikki Lainey

Item #35

Donated by Christie's Canine Cafe

Beef Loaf (4 pounds)

WINNER IS: Mie Kingsley

Item #36

Donated by Alpenschatz - Mary Dawn Debriae

Swiss Farmer/Dog & Cow Leather Collar (23")

WINNER IS: Sue Wilkinson

Item #37

Donated by Elizabeth Pearson

Glass Berner Christmas Ornament

WINNER IS: Caroline Auth

Item #38

Donated by Swiss Traditions
Regula Munz & Larry Smith

Plush Stuffed Berner

WINNER IS: Ella Causer

Item #39

Donated by STUDIO H - Ingrid Hubbard

Berner Pendant Necklace

WINNER IS: Marion Brown

Item #40

Donated by STUDIO H - Ingrid Hubbard

Berner Pendant Necklace

WINNER IS: Janice Parky

Item #41

Donated by The Truman Collar - Debby Fitch

Collar & Leash Set Gift Cert

WINNER IS: Melissa McCutchan

Item #42

Donated by Coral Denis

Berner Team Sled Ride
Matted & Framed Pen & Ink Print

Wording for sled ride pen & ink


Item #43

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Berner & Parrot matted print

WINNER IS: Mary Maliarik

Item #44

Donated by Bobbie Abern

2 Berner Michael Steddum matted prints

2 WINNERS ARE: Mitchell DuBuc and Erica Hansen

Item #45

Donated by Alexis Smith

2 sets Berner Puppy folder & 2 notebooks

2 WINNERS ARE: Christie Leone and Mitchell DuBuc

Item #46

Anonymous Donor

When Your Pet Outlives You

WINNER IS: Gary Galunas

Logo close-up
Item #47

Donated by Heartland BMD Club

Denim Jacket-embroidered with logo
Size XL

WINNER IS: Kim Anderson

Logo close-up
Item #48

Donated by Pat's Embroidery - Pat Helmbold

Shirt with embroidered Berner

WINNER IS: Lori Friedli

Item #49

Donated by 2008 Specialty Committee

2008 Specialty Sweatshirt
Size Large

WINNER IS: Ann-Maree Rogers

Item #50

Donated by Waddel Art Works - Ted Waddell

Signed Tucker Gets Tuckered Book

WINNER IS: Mary Beth Ellison

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