Pet Portraits by Carol Pontin

Carol's New Painting for the upcoming
2012 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

"Happy Days"

These four Berner prints are from the original paintings which were "Secret Christmas Gifts 2008" for US clients
Click on the images below for the enlarged pics


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"As a wildlife artist working mainly in watercolour I have been fortunate to earn many international commissions. The majority of these commissions have been for dogs which can be "head & shoulder" portraits against a simple washed background or in their natural habitat.

In fact I can place your dog into the backdrop of your choice working from photographs which can be separate studies of dog and background. I regularly ship internationally through Airsure and can provide prices for the complete package , including insurance on request.

Please email for details, I would be pleased to send examples of my work and produce detailed quotations for possible future commissions.

I have many Limited Editions prints of my work specimen copies of which I would be pleased to email on request prior to purchase.

Carol Pontin
"Cherry Fell"
Low Burnham,
United Kingdom

Tel/Fax 0044 - (0) 1427-875721

Max Forever There

"Forever There"

Commissioned by Cesar Perez in Loving Memory of Max


Berner Toby

Carol painted this pic of Toby for his owner Brenda Broome
and generously donated prints of this painting and others to our 2008 BEHAF Toby Fundraiser

Pat Long's Brew
Carol's painting of Pat Long's Berner, Brew.
Commissioned by Brenda Broome for the 2008 BEHAF Fundraiser for Toby

Wet and Wonderful
Berners Wet and Wonderful

Bernese Mountain Dog Duke
Bernese Mountain Dog, Duke
Alexis Smith won this portrait of her Berner Boy, Duke,
painted by Carol Pontin in the 2007 BARC Fundraiser.

Bernese Sterling
Bernese Mountain Dog, Sterling, painted for Betsy Brainard and Sally Phillips of Madison, Ohio,
who won Carol's donation of a "Blank Canvas" to the 2005 BARC Fundraiser.

Berner Ziggy
Bernese Mountain Dog, Ziggy, owned by Jennifer Lennon in Ontario
(Carol painted this portrait as a prize for the BARC Fall Fundraiser 2004)

Geilo Amika
Bernese Mountain Dog, Geilo Bernese Mountain Dog, Amika
Owned by "Angel Pin Lady" Karen Connors

Walker Maggie
Bernese Mountain Dog, Walker,
pictured at Gettysburg National Park.
Bernese, Maggie

Free Spirit Bentley
Bernese, Free Spirit Bernese, Bentley

Fortune Tyson
Berner, Fortune Bernese Puppy. Tyson

BMD Jorka Chester
"Jorka" Staubach Forever & Always Chester, the Bernese Mountain Dog

Cornish Delight
"Cornish Delight"
Bernese Puppies, Rocky and Amber

Tara Bella
Tara - Chrishelkate Angel Love Newfie, Bella

Newfy Charm
"Newfy Charm"

{Dan Bonnie and Meg
Dan the Border Collie Bonnie & Meg
Young litter mates - "Where are those sheep"

Dillon Bonnie
Dillon - Working Springer Spaniel Border Collie, Bonnie, was a rescue pup.
Saved and now living a very cosseted life in Spain.

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