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Group Games

(with thanks to Michsel O Hara, Adeline Maxim and others who have contributed here)

The Hot Dog Retrieve: NEW!

Teams are gathered behind a start line with dogs off leash. Paper plates are placed 25 feet in front of each team's starting position. A hot dog is placed on each plate.

At the start signal handler and dog race out to the plate where the Berner is urged to "PICK UP" the hot dog but NOT EAT IT. As each dog returns to the finish line... a "helper" shall place a new hot dog on each plate for the next "contestant." ... The team with the MOST HOT DOG brought back across the FINISH LINE ... WINS.

PS. no hot dog has ever gotten across the finish line "OUTSIDE" of a Berner.. but there is LOTS OF LAUGHS.. in playing the game.

Michael O'Hara
leaned from my Obedience Instructor, Beatrice Connelly retired AKC Utility, and Tracking Judge.

Leave It:

Dogs will be placed in a seated position in front of a paper plate, with their handler by their side. Dogs will be told to "Stay" by whatever means the handler chooses. Once at a time, treats (dog food, dog treats, pieces of hot dogs, etc…) will be placed on the plates by the handler. Once a dog breaks and goes for the goodies he will be excused. The final three dogs get ribbons.

Ring Around the Rosy:

Handlers will heel their dogs in a circle while the audience sings "Ring Around the Rosy." At the word "Down," all the handlers put their dogs into a down position. Last dog down is eliminated. Continue until only one dog left

Musical Hoops -Musical chairs for dogs:

Place hula hoops or pieces of cardboard on the floor in a large circular pattern. Handlers heel their dogs around while music plays. When music stops, handlers will 'Sit" their dogs with a least two paws inside the hoop. The dog without a hoop will be dismissed, a hoop removed and the process continues until the last three dogs get ribbons


A Tic-Tac-Toe pattern will be laid out on the floor. Each team has 4 -5 dogs. First player places their dog in a sit or down in a square. Member of the 2nd team places a dog in a different square, continue until a line is formed with members of the same team. Tie same coloured ribbons or scarves around the dogs neck to mark teams.

Doggy Limbo:

The Limbo with your dogs. Two simultaneous groups for large (over 18") and small dogs (under 18"). Place a rod on a stand and both dog and person must go under the rod. The dog/handler that can go the lowest wins.

Snoopy Says:

Similar to "Simon Says." Handler and Dog must follow together doing the same thing until only one team left. Square to Square Race: Each team is given two large squares of cardboard. First square is placed at the start line with the dog sitting on it the second square is place out front. At the start the dog moves to the second square the handler retrieves the first square and places it in front of the second square. The dog moves to the next square and this continues to the finish line - first team across the line wins.

Potato Chip Eating Contest:

Lay a row of potato chips (about 20) the first dog to eat his own row and cross the finish line wins

Kiss Off:

Who can keep their dog kissing their face the longest.

Bobbing for Hot Dogs:

In a large rectangular container of water (filled with water) a know amount of pieces of hot dog are thrown. The dog that can retrieve the most pieces in a set time limit is the winner.

Ring Obedience:

Set up three or more little rings (hula hoops). Designate what the dog and owner must do in each ring. Example: Ring 1 - must sit for 3 seconds, Ring 2 - must down for 3 seconds, etc…

Water Race:

Each team is given a cup of water at the start line and the team that can race the obstacle course the fastest with the least amount of water spilt wins.

Dressing the Dog:

Each team is given the same amount of items, T-shirt, socks, boxer shorts, etc… Handler must dress their dog and race to the finish line.

Popcorn Relay:

Similar to the Water Race only Popcorn is used on a flat dish - added benefit the dogs will try to eat the popcorn as it falls off the dish.

Feel the Dog:

This works great when all dogs are the same breed. Have dogs line up in a row and the blindfolded owners must feel the body of each dog until they can determine which is theirs.

Frisbee Toss:

Who's dog can catch the most Frisbee's at the greatest distance.

Skateboard Relay:

Dogs pull kids on skateboards to the finish line

Pie Eating Contest:

Dogs race against their owner to see who can finish first


Who can complete 5 barks the fastest

Push Ups:

Each team sees who can complete the exercise the fastest
  • Sit Down Sit
  • Down Sit Stand
  • Sit Down Stand

Egg Race:

Dog that can retrieve a raw egg from the farthest distance without breaking it

Marathon Down:

Which dog can complete the longest "Down" with the most distractions placed in front of them. Food, toys, people, other dogs, etc….

Obstacles Race:

Team that can get to the other end the fastest after completing the obstacle course
  • Low dog walk
  • Climb over hay bales
  • Jump in and out of hula hoop on ground
  • Water hazard - shallow dish of water that must get 2 feet wet
  • Cones to race around
  • Low jumps

Tidbit Toss:

Which dog can catch the tidbit thrown from progressively longer distances

Football Race:

Have the handler race to the finish line with a ball between their legs. Dog must be on leash for this race.

Trick Training:

See if you can teach your dog a new trick in five minutes. Example: play dead, give me five, etc…

Judging Contests:
  • Dog with the longest tail
  • Biggest dog
  • Smallest dog
  • Waggiest tail
  • Best Smile
  • Cutest butt
  • Matching hat contest - owner and dog
  • Look like owner contest
  • Oldest dog
  • Youngest dog
  • Best costume
  • Loudest bark
  • Best kisser
  • BIGGEST FOOT .... get footprint of dog using child's watercolor paint. onto paper.. measure width + Length to determine winner. NEW!

Have Fun with your Berners!!!

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