14th Annual Berner-Garde
Foundation Fundraiser

Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database


In appreciation of Berner Lovers everywhere...

2014 Berner-Garde Free Ticket Bonanza

Runs August 3, 2014 until September 30, 2014


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*Thank you to the Berner Lovers who responded to my pleas for donations to support Berner-Garde! Thank you to the clubs who also responded by making donations to the Fundraiser – the Grand Canyon BMD Club’s donation this week helped us go over our goal! *

*Our goal was to surpass the 2013 amount of $9,803.51 and we raised $10,202. I have donations of $5,397 and pledges for an additional $4,805. If you made a pledge, please make your check payable to: Berner-Garde Foundation and mail to me asap at: Joye Neff, 1182 Firwood Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1881.*

*We had donations from 113 donors from 32 states, 3 Canadian provinces and 1 other country, Great Britain. California led the pack with 13 donors, followed by Ohio with 9 donors, Massachusetts with 8 donors and Indiana and Washingston state with 6 donors. Here is the list according to states: Arizona (4), California (13), Colorado (5), Connecticut (1), Florida (1), Georgia (3), Idaho (1) Illinois (4), Indiana (6), Kansas (1), Kentucky (2), Louisiana (1), Massachusetts (8), Maryland (3), Maine (3), Michigan (2), Missouri (1), North Carolina (1), Nebraska (1), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (3), Nevada (1), New York (4), Ohio (9), Oregon (3), Pennsylvania (4), Rhode Island (1), South Carolina (2), Tennessee (4), Texas (4), Vermont (1), Washington (6), Alberta (2), British Columbia (1), Great Britain (1), and Ontario (5).*

*THANK YOU also to the 13 clubs who made donations to Berner-Garde: Northern Arizona BMD Club, BMD Club of Noreast Illinois, North Coast BMD Club, Chattahoochee Valley BMD Club, Lone Star BMD Club, BMD Club of Southern California, BMD Club of Nashoba Valley, Blue Ridge BMD Club, BMD Club of the Rockies, Buckeye BMD Club, BMD Club of SW Ontario, BMD Club of Greater Seattle, and Grand Canyon BMD Club.*

*THANK YOU to Jean Cheesman who made the wonderful website so you could see the 134 prizes that you could win.*

*THANK YOU to the generous donors of the 134 prizes – without you there would be no fundraisers!*


*Please be sure that ALL OF YOUR BERNERS HAVE UPDATED INFORMATION IN THE BERNER-GARDE DATABASE. It is especially important to include the date and cause of death for each Berner so that the information can be utilized by researchers. *

*Joye Neff* -- Joye Neff and Maine's Xephyr Alpinebear, CGC - "Breeze" - BG #72657

and "Will" (German Shorthair Pointer)

Berner Fundraiser

Mt. Lebanon,

Pittsburgh, PA

Your contributions to Berner-Garde are so important in order to help maintain the Berner-Garde Database and the DNA and Tissue Repository. Berner-Garde needs your donations to continue this magnificent work. See the details on how to donate below.
  • We have assembled many lovely Berner items to give to those who have Berners in their lives or who wish they had a Berner in their life.
  • Tickets to win these wonderful Berner items are FREE and easy to obtain!
  • Just send an e-mail to Joye Neff and ask her for tickets. joye.neff@gmail.com
  • Tell Joye how many and how to distribute the tickets you are requesting.
  • EXAMPLE: "Joye, please give me 20 FREE Tickets. I'd like you to place the FREE Tickets into the following envelopes: 2 each in items number 2, 8, 14, 22, 33. 34, 45, 63, 77 and 89."
  • That's it! Just ask for tickets. People may also request that Joye send FREE Tickets to friends, mentors and people they admire. It's fun!!!
  • Please remember that ALL contributions to Berner-Garde are much appreciated!

Berner-Garde Fundraiser Challenges
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Ticket requests and donation checks Joye Neff,
1182 Firwood Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1881.

Make U.S. bank checks payable to the "Berner-Garde Foundation. Foreign cheques make payable to "Joye M. Neff" - Joye can deposit foreign cheques without any fees.

Who is this woman, Joye Neff?

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Berner-Garde Website

Check out the website and submit details of your Berners!


What is Berner-Garde?

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DNA/Tissue Repository

Cost of submission of blood, swabs and biopsy samples is now covered by funds from Berner-Garde and the BMDCA. Owners carry the cost of shipping and veterinary costs to obtain the sample.


What is the DNA/Tissue Repository?

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