11th Annual Berner-Garde
Foundation Fundraiser

Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database

In appreciation of Berner Lovers everywhere...

2011 Berner-Garde Free Ticket Bonanza

*December 29th 2010 to March 2nd 2011*

Be sure to check out all 5 Pages for the Winners of the 119 wonderful prizes!


The winning tickets have been drawn and I am happy to announce the very lucky winners of the 2011 BERNER-GARDE GIFT TICKET BONANZA.

*March 30th 2011

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!*THANK YOU for your generous support of our recent Berner-Garde Fundrasier. Through your donations we were able to raise $6,545.33 for Berner-Garde. This includes $240.02 in donations that people sent to help offset the total spent for postage for mailing the prizes, which was $568.59. I also am waiting for donations that peopled pledged for the fundraiser totaling around $250. I would like to close out this fundraiser but will wait for those final pledges to arrive and also to allow a bit of time for more fundraiser postage checks/cheques to come. THANKS!!

THANK YOU also to those of you who have sent me an e-mail telling me that their prizes have arrived safely. If you haven't told me your prizes have come to you, please hit "reply" and tell me now!!

Your contributions to Berner-Garde are so important in order to help maintain the Berner-Garde Database and the DNA and Tissue Repository.   Berner-Garde needs your donations to continue this magnificent work. See the details on how to donate below. <
  • We have assembled many lovely Berner items to give to those who have Berners in their lives or who wish they had a Berner in their life.
  • Tickets to win these wonderful Berner items are FREE and easy to obtain!
  • Just send an e-mail to Joye Neff and ask her for tickets. joye.neff@gmail.com
  • Tell Joye how many and how to distribute the tickets you are requesting.
  • EXAMPLE: "Joye, please give me 20 FREE Tickets. I'd like you to place the FREE Tickets into the following envelopes: 2 each in items number 2, 8, 14, 22, 33. 34, 45, 63, 77 and 89."
  • That's it! Just ask for tickets. People may also request that Joye send FREE Tickets to friends, mentors and people they admire. It's fun!!!
  • Please remember that all contributions to Berner-Garde are much appreciated!

#1 Autographed copy of
The Bernese Mountain Dog
Yesterday and Today

by Silvana Vogel Tedeschi
English Text by Lindy Kunz

Donated by Silvana and Lindy



Ticket requests and donation checks Joye Neff,
1182 Firwood Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1881.

Make U.S. bank checks payable to the "Berner-Garde Foundation. Foreign cheques make payable to "Joye M. Neff" - Joye can deposit foreign cheques without any fees.

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DNA/Tissue Repository

Cost of submission of blood, swabs and biopsy samples is now covered by funds from Berner-Garde and the BMDCA. Owners carry the cost of shipping and veterinary costs to obtain the sample.


What is the DNA/Tissue Repository?

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