The 2011 Berner-Garde
Database Challenge
Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database

Enter a new Berner or add date and cause of death into Berner-Garde now
& get 20 Free Tickets for a chance to win a Very Special Drawing of your Berner


The BMD Club of Greater Seattle gave a most generous donation to the Berner-Garde Fundraiser and asked that $500 of their donation be used as a Challenge for people to enter new Berners into the database and to enter the date and cause of death for Berners at the Rainbow Bridge. Pat Long donated a Jennifer Hoover drawing of the winner's own Berner as the prize for the challenge. Everyone who entered a new Berner or entered date/cause of death received 20 tickets for the Jennifer Hoover drawing. We were able to get 181 new entries in the BG database with this challenge.

THANK YOU BMDCGS AND PAT LONG for making this Challenge possible.




 Runs January 25th to March 2nd

We have a surprise fundraiser that is going to run concurrently with the current Berner-Garde Fundraiser and the Berner-Garde FREE Ticket Gift Bonanza. Pat Long has donated an 8x12 drawing of the winner's Berner by Jennifer Hoover of Kritters-n-Pencil as the prize for this very special fundraiser. You can see samples of Jennifer's artwork by going to this website:

 You CAN NOT buy tickets to try to win this fabulous drawing of your own Berner - you can only get tickets by entering specific data in the Berner-Garde Database. The fundraiser starts today, January 25th 2011 and will run until the end of February. We hope that all of you will earn free tickets to win a drawing of your Berner by contributing to Berner Garde’s data collection. We are looking for contributions of information for two (2) very specific types of input into the Berner-Garde Database. This is how you can get 20 FREE tickets to win this fantastic prize!

{ALL other updates (other than date and cause of death) can get 50 tickets for the regular Berner-Garde Gift Bonanza, see below!}

1. Input a dog that has not been entered yet into the Berner-Garde database.

2. Enter the death date and cause of death (Medical diagnosis preferred but not required) of your Berner.

Here is the website so you can enter the data:

Enter the website as a Guest, then click on "Enter Data"

Click on "Individual Dog Submission" ....or.....if you are a breeder entering a litter, click on "Litter Submission Form" Fill in the information if you are entering a Berner for the first time, then click on "Submit Data" IF you are entering date and cause of death for a Berner already in the database, then check off the box showing you are doing an update, complete the date and cause of death and then click on "Submit Data"

Once you have entered the data, I will get confirmation from Berner-Garde and will send you an e-mail telling me that you that you have tickets for this very special drawing. You can get 20 tickets for each of the above data that you enter for each Berner you enter.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Greater Seattle has offered $500 to this challenge to buy tickets and that amount has been matched, giving us $1,000 for tickets. If there is any club(s) or individual(s) who would like to contribute to the funding of this challenge, let Joye know, as the more we can reward folks for the above data input, the more value we gain for the future of Berners.

You do not have to be a regional or BMDCA member to input data and we hope all of you will take the time to enter all Berners who are not in the database, and any death dates & causes of death for Berners you have owned. We need your support to make the Berner-Garde Database even more valuable to the future of our Berners.

Also, don't forget that I am currently running two other events for Berner-Garde!!

1. 2011 Berner-Garde Fundraiser - I am simply asking you to send me a check or cheque for a donation to Berner-Garde.

2. 2011 Berner-Garde FREE TICKET Gift Bonanza - YES, tickets are indeed FREE - you CAN NOT BUY TICKETS. All you need to do to get tickets to try to win one of the 120 wonderful Berner prizes.

Check out the website so you can see the fantastic prizes:

There are five pages of prizes to win!! You can ask me to give FREE TICKETS to you, to your family, to your friends, to your breeder, etc. Tickets are yours for the asking!!

I am looking forward to giving away a lot of tickets to people and to seeing the database grow with our efforts!! --

Joye Neff and Maine's Xephyr Alpinebear, CGC - "Breeze" - BG #72657
and "Will" (German Shorthair Pointer)
Berner Fundraiser
Mt. Lebanon,
Pittsburgh, PA

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