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 Runs January 24th to February 4th 2011

RESULTS He ended up in first place with 870 votes. He will be at the National in Del Mar, CA, but not showing since his co-owner is judging. He will, of course, be in the Parade of Titleholders and anxious to meet all this fans. Thanks to all of you who so faithfully voted for him for you were the ones who made this possible.

I am so pleased with your awesome response to voting for Scotty. Words truly fail to convey the level of my appreciation. While the voting website no longer shows the dogs and their votes, I am 99 and 44/100% sure that Scotty ended up in first place with 870 or so votes.

As promised I am donating to Berner Garde Foundation 10¢ for every vote cast. In addition, I promised to count the 200 votes he lost when the contest folks revised the voting process to eliminate some "irregularities" in the process. This brings the total votes for Berner Garde to 1,070 or $107.00. I have, in light of the incredibly awesome response, which not only put Scotty in the top 25, but also earned him a first place finish, decided to round up a bit as an extra special "thank you" for the awesomeness of the response. So, a couple of hours ago, I put a check in the mail to the Berner Garde Foundation's treasurer for $500.00.

Again, thank you all very much for you awe-inspiring support. I had a lot of fun doing it and hope you all did too.

Walt Smith and Scotty,
Albuquerque, NM

The 25 finalist photos will be posted on Monday, Feb. 7, by 4:30 p.m. MT.

Scotty needs your help!
Our Berner "Scotty" is in a contest for a spot on New Mexico's Pet Lottery Scratcher. To do this he needs to receive the most votes during the voting period. So, please help us by voting for Scotty once each day between January 24 and February 4, 2011. I'll donate 10¢ per vote for the first 5,000 votes (Max $500.00) to Berner Garde Foundation.

Log in with your email address and password, or register as a voter if not already done so. Type Scotty in the search box and click on "Search" to bring up Scotty's page. Click on the circle underneath the dog's photo. Then click on 'Save Vote' at the bottom or top of the page.. Remember you may vote again tomorrow and every day between now and February 4, 2011.

Remember, while you must register in the voting site, it is completely safe. This site only runs contests and has a very good reputation for keeping sensitive information as safe as possible. So, don't worry and don't refrain from voting because of the registration requirement, which is know to keep things on the "Up and Up".

Thanks for your help.
Walt, Libby and "Scotty" Smith
Albuquerque, NM USA


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