The 2006 BEHAF Fundraiser

(BEHAF, Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund )


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The mission of the Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund, or BEHAF, is to provide some financial assistance to the owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs throughout the world who are facing extensive and/or unexpected medical expenses for their dog due to catastrophic illness or accidental injury.

The goal of BEHAF is to assist owners in decreasing the importance of their financial issues in order to help them make medical decisions based on what is in the best interest of their dog. BEHAF is funded solely through voluntary contributions and administered by a voluntary Board of Directors who are Bernese Mountain Dog owners, and includes medical, legal, and financial professionals. Anyone who owns a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog who experiences an accidental or catastrophic medical condition, which may or may not be of an emergent nature, is eligible to apply for financial assistance, based on their financial need, according to the criteria set forth by the Board of Directors. BEHAF encourages the repayment of assistance through monetary contributions or volunteer work, so that we can continue to help those in need. In all cases, the decision of the Board of Directors is final.


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The 2006 BEHAF Fundraiser

May 15th through July 21st extended!

*** I have extended the closing of the fundraiser until NEXT Friday since we have a new Challenge to raise money for the special BEHAF RESCUE Fund. Our generous anonymous donor has agreed to match your contributions up to $500, PLUS you get those tickets in addition to yours, so you get double tickets!!!!

BEHAF is going to maintain a separate fund for the rescue chairs of the regional clubs. It will be managed by Kathy Deyo, and needs will be weighed against available funds. We want to start off that fund with $2,000 and already have raised $1,000 through the photos that Pat and I do at the Specialty. An anonymous donor will match donations specifically to this fund up $500, so we just need $500 in donations to this fund to hit our $2,000 goal. Since we are trying to raise money for the regular BEHAF Fund plus the new Rescue BEHAF Fund, I am hereby extending the official deadline for this fundraiser until next Friday, July 21st. THERE IS STILL TIME TO MAKE A DONATION TO BEHAF - please indicate on your check or cheque if your donation is to the regular BEHAF Fund or for the RESCUE BEHAF Fund.

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Tickets Prices:

Tier One
Tickets are $5 each
or 6 for $20
or 20 for $50

Tier Two
Tickets are $1 each

or 6 for $5
or 30 tickets for $20

Make the checks payable to "BEHAF" and write 2006 BEHAF Fundraiser on the memo line.

Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Be sure to include a note telling Joye how to distribute your tickets for the drawing. Mail your checks and instructions to:

Joye M. Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1825

Joye Neff can convert foreign cheques to US Dollars with no charge from her bank.

Make foreign cheques payable to "Joye M. Neff" and follow the above instructions. Mail your cheques to:

Joye M. Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1825


THANK YOU, everyone, for making the 2006 BEHAF Fundraiser a huge success. This year's fundraiser total is $6,629.07. This total includes the checks I've already received and the pledges that people have promised to send to me. There are two categories of funds that we were raising money for this year. The regular BEHAF Fund raised $4,102.07. The Regional RESCUE Fund had donations of $1027, plus the generous match from our anonymous donor of $500, plus $1,000 from the Long Shot Photos at this year's specialty, giving a total to the new Regional RESCUE BEHAF Fund of $2,527.00. This is a new all time high amount of money that we have raised to help Berners in need.

Tier One Items:

King Size Quilt

Item # A

Donated by Kay Taylor

Pinwheel Patchwork Quilt King Size
with 2 Pillow Shams

Winner: Carol McArthur

The Swiss Collection
The Swiss Collection

Coffee Mugs
The China Berner Mugs

Swiss Items
Berner Painted on Egg
Item # B

Donated by Michelle Ryan

The Swiss Collection of Prizes

Berner Painted on Egg ~ 3 inches tall
2 China Berner Mugs ~ 5 inches tall
25 Swiss Paper Placemats and Napkins
2 packages of Berner Paper Napkins
(20 napkins in each package)
2 Swiss Wildflower Envelopes (8 ½ x 9)
1 package of Butter Biscuits
9 assorted Ritter Sport Candies
Toblerone Candy Bar (3.52 ounces)
Cavendish and Harvey Alpenkrauter Bon Bons
Friedel Chocolates
10 Michael Johnson Berner Note Cards
Emmenthal Tee ~ 12 tea bags
Swiss Scarf ~ 21 x 21

Winner: Carol Ganz

"Where Love Is" by Robert Duncam Item # C

Donated by Eve Lapolla (By Jove)

Autographed copy of

"Where Love Is"
Artwork by Robert Duncan

Winner: Mandy Farrar

{short description of image} Item # D

Donated bySusan and Alan Kowitz
in loving memory of
Bentley von Chesterfield, "Ben".

Berner swirly whirly

Winner: Kurt Hamlen

{short description of image}
Item # E

Donated bySusan and Alan Kowitz
in loving memory of
Bentley von Chesterfield, "Ben".

Berner weathervane

Winner: Sara Steele

Tier Two Items

WIDTH="230" Item # 1

Donated by Cathi DeSantis
in loving memory of Bacchus and Ari

4 inch Halloween Berner

and Berner in front of mountain bolo

Winner: Robin Korotki

WIDTH="146" Item # 2

Donated by Cathi DeSantis
in loving memory of Bacchus and Ari

"Bernese Mountain Dog"
by Lilian Ostermiller

Winner: Jane Heggen

WIDTH="146" Item # 3

Donated by Cathi DeSantis
in loving memory of Bacchus and Ari

"The New Bernese Mountain Dog"
by Sharon Chestnutt Smith

Winner: Suzanee Dijak-Robinson

Berner in Buggy Pin Item # 4

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Berner Hand Sculptured
Berner in Buggy Pin

Winner: Wendy Keene

Hank and Company book Item # 5

Donated and signed by the author,
Jeanne Schoech

"Hank & Company"
- a book about life with Hank and

the therapy work we do

Winner: Nell Ward

WIDTH="200" Item # 6

Donated by Linda Seaver

Pink long sleeve "I'm Not Listening" Shirt
Women's size M

Winner: Penny Turner

WIDTH="165" Item # 7

Donated by Linda Seaver

Bernese Mountain Dog book
by Louise Harper

Winner: Melanie Lainey

{short description of image} Item # 8

Donated by Linda Seaver

Tails of the City
Dog Tunes by Murray Weinstock

CD and Pin

Winner: Janice Parky

BernerRally2 Item # 9

Donated by D. Pearson
& the Berner Boys in KS

"My Berner Loves Rally" t-shirt

100% cotton Fruit of the Loom t-shirt

Men's Large in a medium blue.
The A in the word Rally is a cone
and the Ls are directional arrows.

Winner: Nell Ward

WIDTH="150" Item # 10

Donated by Anne Barton

The Dog notebook

Winner: Maria Crifasi

Flower Pot Pin Item # 11

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Berner Hand Sculptured

Berner in Flower Pot Pin

Winner: Wendy Keene

Paw Print Lanyard Item # 12

Donated by Bonnie Conrad

Paw print lanyard
can be used for keys or ID cards/Badge

Winner: Donna Wiles

{short description of image} Item # 13

Donated by Donna Coffin

Complete set of 1995 Alpenhorns

Winner: Andrea Stefanac

Item # 14

Donated by Bobbie Abern

"Help My Dog has an Attitude"
by Gwen Bohenkamp

Winner: Donna Wiles

Item # 15

Donated by Bobbie Abern

"Psychological Dog Training Behavior
Conditioning with Respect and Trust"
by C W Meisterfeld

Winner: Suzanne Deering

Item # 16

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Vest made from Berner Material

(Size M/L)

Winner: Ellen Barnaby

{short description of image} Item # 17

Donated by Kay Taylor

All Breed Wrapping Paper Roll

Winner: Anne Copeland

collar Item # 18

Donated by Val Taylor-Wood

Martingale adjustable collar

- blue with chain

Winner: Karen Thompson

The New Bernese Mountain Dog Item # 19

Donated by Nancy Melone

Autographed Copy of
"The New Bernese Mountain Dog"
by Sharon Chesnutt Smith

Winner: Terri Babcock

Berner figurine Item # 20

Donated by Maria Crifasi

Berner Figurine from Scotland

Winner: Sherry Hartung

Wrapping Paper Item # 21

Donated by Barbara Haller

Italian All Breed Wrapping Paper 2 sheets

Winner: Marti Simons

Puppy Precious Item # 22

Anonymous Donor

Puppy Precious - barks and moves -

Winner: Carol McArthur

Nicky investigates.
Nicky investigating a Stuffed Berner

Chernille Berner
Item # 23

Donated by Joye Neff

Large Soft Chenille Berner

Winner: Cherie Massaro

Item # 24

Donated by Anne Barton

14 inch Berner in Down Stay

Winner: Carol McArthur

Sit Stay Item # 25

Donated by Judy Demato

14 inch Berner in Sit Stay

Winner: Cherie Massaro

Purse Item # 26

Donated by Judy Demato

Stuffed Berner Purse

Winner: Sandi Brimmer

Note cards by Michael Johnson Item # 27

Donated by Pat Long

2 packs of 4 Berner Note Cards
by Michael Johnson

2 winners will be drawn

Winners: Suzanne Deering and Liz Caldwell

note cards Item # 28

Donated by Pat Long

5 Large Berner Note Cards
by Michael Johnson

5 winners will be drawn

Winners: Barb LeTourneau,
Jane Heggen (2 times,)
Andrea Brin and Joan Atkian

Amika by Carol Pontin Item # 29

Donated by Val Taylor-Wood

Karen Connors' Amika by Carol Pontin

#3 of the numbered prints
it has a certificate of authencity.

Winner: Mickie Anderson

Ken Baily Emmenthal Cheese Item # 30

Donated by Ann Thompson

Ken Baily Emmenthal Cheese

signed and numbered print

Winner: Randy Dowler

Tea shirt Item # 31

Donated by Morgan and Pepper Lyon

"Do They Shed" shirt

Size large

Winner: Mickie Anderson

Item # 32

Donated by Susan Morrill

2 Original Berner Pawz Berner Shirts

Size XL

2 winners will be drawn

Winners: Leslie Joanisse and Holly Mitchell

Wine bottle tote Item # 33

Donated by Kay Taylor

2 Wine Bottle Totes.

Berner artwork by Willem Wijnberg

2 winners will be drawn

Winner: Toby Erlichman (2 times)

List pad Item # 34

Anonymous Donor

Berner List Pad with magnet

Winner: Bes Baldwin

CD Rom Item # 35

Anonymous Donor

1968 to 2000 Yearbook Collection

CD Rom

Winner: Maria Crifasi

Item # 36

Donated by Maria Crifasi

Berner Fanny Pack

Winner: Liz Caldwell

{short description of image} Item # 37

Donated by Eve Lapolla/ By Jove

McCartney Berner Sweatshirt

Winner: Patti Rosner

{short description of image} Item # 38

Donated by Eve Lapolla/ By Jove

4 Berner Wipe your Paws Door Hangers

4 winners will be drawn

Winners: Maria Crifasi (2 times,)
Ellie Kittler and Carol McArthur

Berner Santa Item # 39

Donated by Eve Lapolla/ By Jove

7 inch Berner Santa

Winner: Donna Wiles

Item # 40

Donated by Susan Kowitz

Berner Single Switch Plate

Winner: Betsy Brainard/Sally Cross

Item # 41

Donated by Heidi and Zeke Adams

3 Berner Get Well Cards

3 winners will be drawn

Winners: Sally Gridley, Marti Simons
and Betsy Brainard/Sally Cross

Item # 42

Donated by Crissy Labuta and Maverick

7 Slip over Collar Bandanas

7 winners will be drawn

Winners: Cathy Sullivan-Neves,
Nell Ward (3 times,)
Christina Sheehan (2 times)
and Barb LeTourneau

{short description of image} Item # 43

Donated by Erika Rankin

Red Long Sleeve Berner Shirt

Child size 16

Winner: Vilma Kistner

Item # 44

Donated by Erika Rankin

Ten inch Stuffed Rottweiler

Winner: Cherie Massaro

Item # 45

Donated by Erika Rankin

3 ten inch Stuffed Berners

3 winners will be drawn

Winners: Cherie Massaro,
Barb LeTourneau and Liz Bradbury

Tea Towels Item # 46

Donated by Anne Copeland

Dog Tea Towels

Winner: Suzanne Deering

Item # 47

Donated by Patt Weigand

Terra Berner Coasters

3 winners will be drawn

Winners: Patti Rosner,
Carol McArthur and Denyse Giannone

Item # 48

Donated by Patt Weigand

Porcelain Cup with Candle

Winner: Susan Wankner

Item # 49

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Doggie Dollar Bank

Winner: Sally Gridley

{short description of image}

Item # 50

Made & Donated by Anne Copeland

Tricolor handmade scarf

Winner: Sheila Durfee

Paint by Number Item # 51

Donated by Anne Copeland

Berner Paint by Number Painting Set

Winner: Penny Turner

Dog Toy Item # 52

Donated by Anne Copeland

Zanies Dog Toy

Winner: Randy Dowler

Oval Framed Berner Item # 53

Donated by Anne Copeland

Oval framed Berner plus Berner Soap

Winner: Kathy Deyo

Hand painted Earrings Item # 54

Donated by Kathy Amorosa

Handpainted Berner earrings

(painted by her mother-in-law, Jean)

Winner: Wendy Keene

Figurine Item # 55

Anonymous Donor

5" long Berner Figurine

Winner: Donna Wiles

Puppy on Slate Item # 56

Anonymous Donor

Painted Berner Puppy on Slate
(5 3/4 x 5 3/4)

Winner: Susan Wankner

Berner Slippers Item # 57

Donated by Joye Neff

Berner Slippers

(Size Small)

Winner: Carol McArthur

Sun Catch Item # 58

Donated and Made by
Laura Lopez Mendez

5 x 8 inch Suncatch

Winner: Donna Wiles

The Dog Ottoman Item # 59

Anonymous Donor

"The Dog Ottoman"

Instructions for converting an
exercise trampoline into a
slipcovered pet bed

Winner: Carol Westaway

Bernese Mountain Dog book

Item # 60

Anonymous Donor

The Complete Bernese Mountain Dog

by Jude Simonds

Winner: Andrea Brin

Dog Dish Item # 61

Donated by Maria Crifasi

Dog Dish (6 inches wide)

Winner: Susan Wankner

Item # 62

Donated by Annie Barton

Berner Penny Toy

Winner: Barb LeTourneau

BMDCA 1999 Yearbook Item # 63

Donated by Dede Leveran

The BMDCA 1999 Yearbook

Winner: Mie Kingsley

Wine Charms Item # 64

Anonymous Donor

Wine Charms

Winner: Penny Turner

Specialty Pins Item # 65

Anonymous Donor

2 Specialty Pins - 2001 and 2003 -

Winners: Freida Munday and Molly Bass

Berner Throw Item # 66

Donated by Diane Meslinsky

2 Walmart Berner Throws

Extra Large, Blanket/Throw. 60 x 80 inches.
High pile, 85% acrylic, 15% polyester

Colors off-white, shades of brown with a brown binding.

2 winners will be drawn

Winners: Peggy Eickenbach
and Denyse Giannone

Notepad Item # 67

Donated by Andrea Brin

Pet Notes Pad

Pad with a berner on it. It is magnetic and comes with a pencil.

Winner: Toni Davies

Kazoo Toys Item # 68

Donated by Andrea Brin

Kazoo Toys

Winner: Ruth Nielsen

Note Cards Item # 69

Donated by Beth Schmoyer

Box of 12 note cards with envelopes
3 designs from photos by Beth

Winner: Caroline Auth

Big Bertha Item # 70

Donated by Ralph and Peggy Edward

Berner golf club head cover
fits a Big Bertha

Winner: Randy Dowler

Lace Shirt

Lace Shirt
Item # 71

Made and donated by Viki Teague,

Recycled denim Shrug-n-Lace
size small (junior size)
features an embroidered Berner,
decorative stitching,
vintage lace pieces and edge trim.
The back of this shirt is just as

interesting as the front!

Winner: Amy Kessler

{short description of image} Item # 72

Donated by Pat Long

2 x 2005-2006 Berner Puppy Planners

2 winners will be drawn

Winners: Barb LeTourneau and Laura Lopez-Mendez

Truman Collar Item # 73

Donated by Debbie Fitch

The Truman Collar
Debbie Fitch Gift Certificate
for 1 dog collar and 1 matching leash

of your choice
(value $37.50)

Winner: Sally Gridley

Pillow Item # 74

Made and Donated by
Michaela Simmons-Lackner

Berner pillow

Done on ultrasuede. About 14" square and the Berner is done in cross-stitch ( not by hand, I hasten to add, but by my clever embroidery machine!). As soft as a Berners ear to touch. And you'll remember the saying on it! It really is exquisite if I may say so myself. AND washable - thanks to the ultrasuede - if slobbered on.

I could make this in different background ultrasuede colours ( blue, red, cream, etc) if brown isn't what the winner wanted.

Winner: Janice Parky

Berner Umbrella Item # 75

Donated by Michaela Simmons-Lackner

Berner umbrella

Winner: Nell Ward

{short description of image}
Item # 76

Donated by Lisa Baldwin

2 Packages of homemade


2 winners will be drawn!

Winners: Molly Bass and Barb LeTourneau

Spilsbury Jigsaw Puzzle Item # 77

Donated by Alexis Smith

"Friends And Neighbors"
Spilsbury Jigsaw Puzzle

Winner: Barb LeTourneau

Nose to Nose

Before Santa Was Santa

A Gift to Share

Item # 78

Donated by Coral Denis

4 Berner Books

Nose to Nose
Before Santa Was Santa
Before Santa Was Santa Coloring Book
A Gift to Share

Winner: Brook Schmidt

Agility Suncatcher Item # 79

Donated by Susan Downing-Thompson

Berner Agility Suncatcher

Winner: Toby Erlichman

Blue Bear Suncatcher Item # 80

Donated by Susan Downing-Thompson

Berner Blue BearSuncatcher

Winner: Sylvia Katvala

drawn from all of the tickets from the entire fundraiser:

5 Tier One and 5 Tier Two Tickets for the upcoming 2006 Berner-Garde Fundraiser

Winner: Carol Westaway





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