The 2008 BEHAF Mini-Fundraiser for Toby

(BEHAF, Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund )


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The mission of the Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund, or BEHAF, is to provide some financial assistance to the owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs throughout the world who are facing extensive and/or unexpected medical expenses for their dog due to catastrophic illness or accidental injury.

The goal of BEHAF is to assist owners in decreasing the importance of their financial issues in order to help them make medical decisions based on what is in the best interest of their dog. BEHAF is funded solely through voluntary contributions and administered by a voluntary Board of Directors who are Bernese Mountain Dog owners, and includes medical, legal, and financial professionals. Anyone who owns a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog who experiences an accidental or catastrophic medical condition, which may or may not be of an emergent nature, is eligible to apply for financial assistance, based on their financial need, according to the criteria set forth by the Board of Directors. BEHAF encourages the repayment of assistance through monetary contributions or volunteer work, so that we can continue to help those in need. In all cases, the decision of the Board of Directors is final.


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We’re holding a mini-fundraiser for BEHAF. We have a lady who was trying to sell her own grave plot through ebay to raise the funds for some surgery that her young Berner boy, Toby, has just had done. She has some friends who are helping with donations, and she’s asked to help raise funds for BEHAF as well. This is a lady who has a soft heart, she has several dogs that require special assistance, and she does it with love and kindness, like the 9 year old blind Shih Tzu that hasn’t adjusted to her loss of sight. Toby has incongruent growth in the bones of one of his front legs and at age one he already has enough pain to make it apparent that repair was needed. Surgery was done to repair some cartilage damage in his elbow, and to cut the ulna to allow the elbow to work properly. We’ve made Toby a special friend of BEHAF for this surgery, but Brenda would like to find ways to help other dogs, not just her own. As always, anything in Toby’s fund that isn’t used for him will go into the BEHAF general fund.

Toby’s owner is part native American Indian, and she does leather work. She’s contributing a pair of custom made moccasins to this fundraiser, along with many other items. I was hoping to talk her into beading a Berner on a vest, but she doesn’t do the intricate bead work. I do a bit of beading, and I’m contributing a variegated sapphire necklace as well. And I suspect BEHAF will have a new champion for future fundraisers.

I don’t want to see the Berner-L become a place where anyone in need asks for help, but I do know that having someone without support, trying to sell her grave plot to pay for vet care for her Berner, is someone I just need to find a way to help. Having her want to help raise funds to make available for other Berners in need and to highlight BEHAF just seems a real bonus.

Pat Long

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to see more pics of Toby

and his recent post-op pics and x-rays

The 2008 BEHAF Mini-Fundraiser for Toby

March 17 to April 8, 2008

Tickets Prices:
$1 each ...or
... 6 for $5 ...or...
14 for $10 ...or...
30 for $20

Make the checks payable to "BEHAF" and write TOBY - Special Friend on the memo line.

Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Be sure to include a note telling Joye how to distribute your tickets for the drawing. Mail your checks and instructions to:

Joye M. Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1825

Joye Neff can convert foreign cheques to US Dollars with no charge from her bank.

Make foreign cheques payable to "Joye M. Neff" and follow the above instructions. Mail your cheques to:

Joye M. Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1825

Fundraiser Challenges!

I have a Challenge from two very generous Berner Lovers for the last week of the BEHAF - Toby Fundraiser. For anyone who makes a donation of $40 or more, they will receive an extra 20 tickets!

We have another Challenge that was announced last week that for every donation of $20 or more, the donor will receive an extra 6 tickets.

Our third Challenge is for residents of Connecticut - we have a donor who will match all donations up to $100. These are good incentives for people to make donations to help Toby and to help other Berners in need through BEHAF (Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund.)

Please remember to tell me how to distribute your additional tickets.

Thank you to the two anonymous donors who have given their tickets to the Challenge to encourage more of you to make donations.

Thank you, Bobbie Abern, for making a Challenge for people donating $20.

Thank you to the anonymous donor who is matching contributions from Connecticut up to $100.

Thank you ALL in advance for your caring generosity.


Berner Lovers are truly AWESOME! I was hoping to raise $3,000 with our fundraiser, paying for Toby's surgery ($2,000) plus donating $1000 to BEHAF, but we soared right past that goal raising $4,957.77!!! We will now be able to donate almost $3,000 to BEHAF to help other Berners in need.

THANK YOU all for your caring spirit and your generosity!

{short description of image} Item #1

Donated by Brenda Broome

Ask the Vet about Dogs Book

From the publisher of Dog Fancy magazine comes this comprehensive manual to help pet owners care for their dogs. The authors' draw from years of clinical experience to answer over 80 of the most commonly asked care questions. Spiral bound for easy use, this manual helps readers become more aware of behavior, nutrition, lifestyle, and other health concerns relating to their pets.

Recommendations on how to properly care for pets at home versus when to seek veterinary care are given. Written for both new and experienced pet owners, these books emphasize the importance of creating a strong, happy, and healthy relationship with your pet.

Author: Leslie Sinclair, DVM

Format: Paperback, 112 pages, 13 B/W Illustrations

WINNER: Janice Ellis

Item #2

Donated by Brenda Broome

The Bernese Mountain Dog - A Dog of Destiny

This book is a homage to the Bernese Mountain Dog.

The text portrays the essence of the Berner Sennenhund and celebrates the human-Berner bond. The photographs capture the beauty -- body and soul -- of the Bernese Mountain Dog in breathtaking and charming images, many of which are taken in authentic Swiss settings.

Author and photographer: Bernd Guenter

Format: 208 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", Hardcover

WINNER: Nancy Smalley

Item #3

Donated by Debbie at Bowtie Press

Dog Heroes of September 11th

This is the first major publication to salute the canines that served the nation in the recovery missions following the terrorists' attacks on America. Beautifully written and elegantly designed, the book provides an excellent overview of the mission and requirements of these search and rescue dogs and serves as a lasting tribute to these noble American heroes.

Author: Nona Kilgore Bauer

Format: 232 pages Hardcover with jacket Full-color Photographs

WINNER: Mary Merrell

{short description of image} Item #4

Donated by Brenda Broome

Bernese Mountain Dog

Waving the tri-colored flay of his native Switzerland, the Bernese Mountain Dog stops the crowd with his attractive jet black, rich rust and white coat and his outgoing, good-natured smile. Fanciers regard the Bernese Mountain Dog as the most friendly and warm-hearted of all Working dogs. His heritage as a resourceful farm dog and drafting dog recommends him as a handyman about the home as well as an attractive watchdog. Though successful in the show ring, with his confident manner, his silky, shimmering coat and striking coloration, the Bernese is primarily a family dog, kind and devoted. His trainability and affinity for the kids make him one of the most desirable companion dogs in the world.

Author: Louise Harper

Format: Hardcover, 160 pages

WINNER: Beth McNeal

{short description of image}

{short description of image}
Item #5

Donated by Pat Long

Variegated Sapphire Necklace

"I hate it, I really REALLY like this necklace,
but I'd rather see Toby be able to walk normally!
It's 18 inches long" Pat

WINNER: Cathi DeSantis

Item #6

Donated by Lynn Alvarez

4 boxes of Russell Stover Candy

Says Happy Valentine's Day on the box with the Berner puppy

4 winners will be drawn

4 WINNERS: Donna Wiles, Karen Connors,
Marian Bragdon and Donna Stayduhar

{short description of image} Item #7

Donated by Brenda Broome

Hobby Farm

An expert on sustainable architecture and hobby farming discusses the joys of starting a small farm - covering livestock, vegetables, business concerns, lifestyle adjustments, and many other issues.

WINNER: Lori Jacobson

{short description of image} Item #8

Donated by Brenda Broome

A pair of custom made moccasins . Brenda will make them to fit whoever wins.

The winner can choose from the 2 colors and also from elk or buffalo.

WINNER: Martha McCormick

Item #9

Donated by Brenda Broome

It's the Law

Combines commonsense, southern pragmatism, and a touch of humor with a survey of the law as it relates to both animals and owners.

WINNER: Jean Cheesman

Item #10

Donated by Brenda Broome

The Spirit of Indian Women

The author explores the role of Native American women in the nineteenth century, presenting quotes from Indian chiefs, legends from various tribes, observations of Indian writers, and rare photos of Indian women.

WINNER: Jean Cheesman

Item #11

Donated by Brenda Broome

Pendleton Journal

The cover is Pendelton wool

WINNER: Coral Denis

Item #12

Donated by Debbie at Bowtie Press

Dogs for Kids

Everything You Need to Know About Dogs Fun things for kids to do with your dog

WINNER: Christina Davis

Item #13

Donated by Brenda Broome

Brass Sleigh bell made in Virginia.

They have a special tone to them. This is made into a key chain bell

WINNER: Barb McColgan

Item #14

Donated by Brenda Broome

Baby knife

A baby lock back 3 3/8" long, by Magnum a division of Boker.

It displays a blade with an etched Damascus pattern.
Made so it can be carried on a key chain

WINNER: Ellen Kittler

Item #15

Donated by Brenda Broome

Tracks Afield II Limited Edition Collector Series Knife with Eagle

4 inches long
serialized and in a wood presentation box
Majesty in Flight commemorates America's symbol of freedom and strength, the Bald Eagle
This is a beautiful knife

WINNER: Nell Ward

Item #16

Donated by Brenda Broome

Lindner knife

with a steel blade and a Pakka grip, made by a famous cutlery in Solingen Germany
4 1/2 inches when closed

WINNER: Joan Atkian

Item #17

Donated by Brenda Broome

Magnum knife
3 1/2 inches

WINNER: Lori Jacobson

Item #18

Donated by Brenda Broome

Very nice Black bag with running horse
- 14 x 11.5 -

WINNER: Nell Ward

Item #19

Donated by Brenda Broome

Gorgeous Earthtone woven bag
- 12 x 12 -

WINNER: Coral Denis

Item #20

Donated by Brenda Broome

Dog Bible

Everything You Need to Know About Dogs

WINNER: Beth McNeal

Item #21

Donated by Brenda Broome

The Healing Flute CD

WINNER: Susan Kowitz

{short description of image} Item #22

Donated by Brenda Broome

Walk Between Worlds CD -

Native American Flute Music with Accompaniment by Golana
Award winner, Best Native American Music Award Nominee
and Best Male Artist & Flutist of the Year.

WINNER: Suzanne Deering

Brew by Carol Pontin Item #23

Donated by Brenda Broome

Commissioned Painting of Brew
(owned by Pat Long)

by UK Artist, Carol Pontin

WINNER: Georgeann and Bob Reeve

The following four items are all donated by
UK artist, Carol Pontin

All four prints are mounted in double champagne coloured mats.
Overall measurement of each mat is 14" x 11" to fit a standard size frame.
Visible print area approx 10" x 7".
Each print is accompanied by a Signed Letter of Authenticity
Each matt is signed and numbered accordingly.

{short description of image} Item #24

Limited Edition Print of Brew
(owned by Pat Long)

print number 1/250

WINNER: Joni Payne

{short description of image} Item #24B

Limited Edition Print of Toby

(Owned by Brenda Broome)

print number 1/250

"I have painted a portrait of Toby as a personal gift to Brenda because I think we all empathise with her struggle and the awful waiting for news of how things have progressed. It's daft I know but I just hope that by painting Toby in a happier setting I can somehow help a miracle happen."

WINNER: Kristi Davis

Item #25

Limited Edition Print of Duke
(owned by Alexis Smith)

print number 13/250

WINNER: Renee Jacquier

Item #26

Limited Edition Print of Amika
(owned by Karen Connors)

print number 13/500

WINNER: Kerry Batting

Item #27

Donated by Danielle Gershberg

Matted and framed print of "Hudson" in her Swiss outfit

WINNER: Donna Stayduhar

Item #28

Donated by Danielle Gershberg

Matted and framed print of "Hudson" getting a drink from a hose

WINNER: Lynn Alvarez

. Item #29

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Berner flag hanging

WINNER: Linda Collmar

Item #30

Donated by Bobbie Abern

The New Bernese Mountain Dog
by Sharon Chestnut Smith

WINNER: Annie Bell

Item #31

Donated by Bobbie Abern

The Bernese Mountain Dog
by Diane Cochrane

WINNER: Ute Gunter

Item #32

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Wooden Berner Christmas ornament

WINNER: Karen Connors

Item #33

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Sitting Berner Puppy

WINNER: Suzanne Deering

Item #34

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Standing Bernese Mountain Dog

WINNER: Pat Allen

Item #35

Donated by Lori Jacobson

Photograph of Kobe on the Beach
by Nina Graff

This photo will be framed and measures 8"x10"
The copyright info. will not be on the winner's print

WINNER: Donna Wiles

Item #36

Donated by Coral and David Denis

White porcelain finger plate

"You don't have to be from England to put these on your door!"

Anyone non-UK and wondering what this item is?
<click here>

WINNER: Lisa Kaufman

The following three items are donated by Martha McCormick

Original digitized artwork available through and donated by
All Things Bright & Biothane

Raffle winner provides garment that is to be embroidered.
Sneak preview of embroideries being sold at their 2008 BMDCA National Vendor Booth!

Item #37

Customised embroidery on your own garment

AGILITY BERNER - 4.5' X 4.5" - 29,000 stitches
substitute the red for whatever color you want.

WINNER: Lisbeth Plant

{short description of image} Item #38

Customised embroidery on your own garment

CARTING BERNER - 6" X 3" - 21,000 stitches--
substitute the red for whatever color you want

WINNER: Janice Parky

{short description of image} Item #39

Customised embroidery on your own garment

HERDING BERNER - 6" X 3" - 24,000 stitches

WINNER: Jennifer Zaayer

Top of the quilt
<click here to enlarge>
Item #40

Donated by Kay Taylor

Quilted Berner Paw Wall Hanging

Bear Paw blocks interpreted as a Berner Paw -- or Berner Paws. White Bear --er Berner Paws surrounded by russet brown and black.

The wall hanging reflects 4 Berner Paws, enough for One Berner in each corner.

About 45" square. Black border with russet brown sashing strips (legs) and white paws. Looks very geometric, and I think it looks southwestern or Native influenced

WINNER: Marian Bragdon

Item #41

Donated and made by Brenda Broome

Berner Puppy License Plate

The pups were bred by Babs Winicur, the Mom is Yofie

The license plate and the frame it is in are all metal, it was all custom made just for Toby's auction. Very sharp looking and even comes with screws! :}

WINNER: Donna Stayduhar

{short description of image} Item #42

Donated by Brenda Broome

Black dog necklace

Genuine onyx on a hand braided leather choker

WINNER: Sheila Durfee

Item #43

Donated by Brenda Broome

Dog paw necklace

Sterling silver and on a sterling silver twist chain.

WINNER: Sue Ward

Item #44

Donated by Patty Tomaszewski

Beaded Berner Bracelet
with a background that is sort of a "Long Shots Blue"
It's 7" long

WINNER: Donna Wiles

Item #45

Donated by Lynn Alvarez

Plush stuffed Berner

24 inches long (from nose to rump!)

WINNER: Carol McArthur

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