December 1st to December 10th 2010.

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This is a Berner Angel Pin.    
It's the nicest bit of Berner stuff that you never want to get.
Angels come in many forms ~ there are:
Our sometimes angelic Berners who live with us now
Our very special Berner Angels at the Rainbow Bridge.
Karen Connors, who started the Angel Pin Project, sending Angel Pins and cards to people whose Berners go to the Bridge
Carol Ganz who has been lovingly, creating and printing all the beautiful Rainbow Bridge Cards that are sent out with each Pin.
Renee Jacquier who has been so kindly helping Karen mail out the cards and Angel pins for over 2 years now.

There have been many individuals who have been helping Karen with her Angel Pin project throughout this past 10 years plus. Each and every one of them are ALL Angels!

Karen Connor's first Berner, Britney Mae of Kokanell, died at age 6 years from malignant histiocytosis on July 1, 1999. Karen was devastated, but she found a way to give Britt a legacy so that she would be remembered. Karen found a small dog angel pin, and had a friend paint it so it looked like a Berner. She began mailing Berner Angel Pins in Britt's name to anyone that she knew who had a Berner die. When she started sending out these pins, she sent about 5 pins each month, but soon it grew so that now more than 60 pins are sent out each month to people all over the world. Karen paints the pins herself, and she and Renee Jacquier mail the pins and cards. In the past 2 years almost 2000 pins have been mailed.

When the package arrives with the Berner Angel Pin, it is a bittersweet time and most people cry tears of sorrow and tears of joy for the lives of the Berners they lost and the pin that represents the love they still have for their Berners at the Bridge. At any Berner gathering or specialty, you will spot many people proudly wearing their special Berner Angel Pins.

A lot of time and love goes into creating and sending each pin and this fundraiser is to help alleviate some of the costs associated with these cherished pins.

I maintain this Berner Angel Pin Fund because this caring project has grown so big that one person can't support it anymore. My fund is getting low so we need to replenish it so we can continue this beautiful tradition.

Tickets for the fundraiser cost:

1 for $3.00   4 for $10.00 10 for $20.00 40 for $50

Make your checks and cheques payable to:

Joye M. Neff and mail to me at:

Joye Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
PA 15243-1881

My bank does not charge me a fee to convert foreign cheques to US dollars, so all of your money will support the Angel Pin Fund.

Fundraiser Challenge!

I just got a message from a Berner Lover Angel (Pat Tackett) who is sending $50 to the fundraiser and she told me to use the tickets as a challenge. SO.....the first 10 people who send in a check will get 4 extra tickets for the fundraiser!!

Thank you Pat!!


The Angel Pin Fundraiser was a MINI-fundraiser. It was MINI in length of time and in the number of items in the fundraiser. However, it was MAXI in the amount of money we raised during these past fifteen days - $6,915.95!!

We had donations from 142 people during that short time with donations from 32 of the 50 states, 3 Canadian Provinces and three other countries!

Here are the donations by state and country:

Pennsylvania leads the pack with 12 donations, followed closely by California with 11 donations. There was a two way tie for third place with 9 donations each from New York and Washington, and a two way tie for fourth place with 8 donations each from Australia and Illinois. Thank you, Annie Bell, who promoted the Angel Pin Fundraiser in Australia with excellent results!

We were also fortunate to receive a most generous $2,000 donation from Italy. In 2006, the Società Italiana Bovaro del Bernese (SIBB) decided to honor and to preserve the memory of their club president, Alberto Vittone, among the Berner community. Alberto passed away in June 2006 at an early age and the club created an annual award to support studies and research concerning the health of the Bernese Mountain Dog, the breed that Alberto loved so much. Antonio Indrizzi, president of SIBB informed me this month that the Alberto Vittone Award was being given to the Angel Pin Fund and wired $2,000 to me for our fundraiser. We are most grateful to SIBB for their donation to our Angel Pin Fundrasiser. This very generous donation will help support the gift of Berner Angel Pins to those people whose Berner cross to The Rainbow Bridge. THANK YOU, Antonio, for helping to finance this caring project. We are honored to be the recipient of the 2010 Alberto Vittone Award.

Now to the information that you are all waiting for




An "Angelic Clock"

- it is chock full of beautiful Berners.

Designed, made and donated

by Pat and Ray Burgett



Lladro "Angel Wondering"

in glossy finish

Donated by Sharon Hasenauer
"In Memory of my almost 11 year old Berner Angel, Frenchie, who left us in July this year"

Frenchie's Tribute Page



Lladro "Angel Thinking"

in matte finish

Donated by Sharon Hasenauer
"In Memory of my almost 11 year old Berner Angel, Frenchie, who left us in July this year"

Frenchie's Tribute Page



Flying "Bernese Mountain Dog Angel"

by Vermont Artist, Stephen Huneck
Approx. 8 x 6"

Donated by Bill and Barbie Wilczek



Watercolor "Angel" Print
by artist Cindi Lynch

Framed 5 x 7

Donated by Renee Jacquier

(Karen's Right Hand Angel who helps her mail out the pins and cards)

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for the framed pic. enlarged


{short description of image}


Berner with Angel Wings Pin

(the photo doesn't do it justice, much nicer in person, there are sparkles in the wings)

Donated by Renee Jacquier


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Angel car chimes
that hang from rear view mirror

Donated by Pat Tackett



Angelic charm

Donated by Pat Tackett



Whispers from Heaven™ Wind Chimes

Every time the wind blows, these wind chimes play a soothing melody. A touching reminder that a loved one is at peace, while love and memories remain. Accompanied by a touching laminated poem:

Donated by Pat Tackett

The Winner will contact Pat and the wind chime will be personalized and sent to them.



2 "Angelic Scarves"

Donated by Jackie Ingram

In honor of Kenai who lost his fight with Histio on November 17th 2010

Kenai's Tribute Page



A set of 4 17oz. glass tumblers
"Toast the sweet Berner Angels at the Rainbow Bridge."

Hand Etched and Donated by Patti Finley



A "heavenly" Berner Carving
approx 11 x 3"
It is on an antique kraut stomper

Carved, painted and donated

by Shirley Parkin

In Memory of our beloved Echo, Bernie, Bailey, and Cleo Berners at the Bridge

{short description of image}
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to enlarge the detail of this amazing carving even before it was painted!



A Berner tiled serving tray
12" x 18"
(This isn't the exact tray - the one ordered is going to be mahogany with the bmd tiles in it)

Donated by Renee & Richard Jacquier

In Loving Memory of our Berner Angel Mammoet who we lost in August

Mammoet's Tribute Page



"The Bernese Mountain Dog"
by Diana Cochrane

One of the earliest books about the breed and with always the hope for the long lived future of our Angelic Berners

Donated by Jean Cheesman


{short description of image}


The Bernese Mountain Dog
a Dog of Destiny
by Bernd Guenter

Donated by Joye Neff



The Bernese Mountain Dog

Yesterday and Today
by Silvana Vogel Tedeschi
English Text by Lindy Kunz

Donated and autographed by the author



Silver angel slide for a necklace
It's made from a silver spoon

approx 2 1/4" long by 1 3/4 ""wide
(at the widest point...the angel's wings).

Donated by Deb Schaeffer


P.S. The face on the angel appears black in this photo, but it's not. It's silver, like the rest of the angel.


Hand painted wooden Bernese placque
11 l/2 high by 11 inches wide.
Painted by Aileen Blackburn of England.

Donated by Coral and David Denis
In Memory of all the Alpenblick gang we have lost to cancer



Berner Paw Print Pendant

Series II - #15

The Berner Paw is a "Very Limited Edition Series" designed and custom made to raise money for Berners. These are hand made by a silversmith, using inlaid gemstones and surrounded by mother of pearl to resemble snow. The stones are set in heavy sterling silver. This one is Series II # 15. It measures approximately 1"x1"in size. The photo does not come close to showing it's real beauty. It comes with a sterling silver twisted rope chain and gift boxed.

Designed and Donated by Brenda Broome

(Brenda also sells these necklaces and 100% of the money goes back to BEHAF or some other Berner cause. The money is either donated or used to have more of these made to donate)



Framed print

"Imprinted on our hearts"
5 x 7

Donated by Renee Jacquier

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for the framed pic. enlarged


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