Ingrid's beautiful B.C. flag with Berner

The 2015 BC-BIN Fundraiser

Runs from October 8th 2015
and the "Thank you Gift" draws to be made December 18-19 2015


Welcome to BC Berners-in-Need...also known as BC-BIN. We are a small group of people simply dedicated to Helping Bernese Mountain Dogs within BC that may need our help. Our mission is just that, and nothing more.

We love these wonderful dogs, and we try to create fun fundraising events, so that when a Bernese is in need of medical help with a foster or a new forever home, we can be here for them.

We are the same small group of people who helped Cooper, Roanen, Heidi, Mocha & Tzela with their health conditions and they now live in very loving forever homes, recovered, with a bright future ahead of them.


Our mission is to help those Berners that find themselves in a situation where they need to be helped in a foster home...we will try our best to help find the right solution for each and everyone individually based on either their health or any other situation they need for them to find a new forever home. We are dedicated to "help those that need us". We, therefore, have a need to be able to have resource of funds available to assist and assess those needs.

Please Help us to "Help those that Need Us"

If you can donate, please send what you can, payable to Adrienne Hammond or Coral Denis (with memo 'BC-BIN') and please tell us where you want your tickets on the thank you items.

Mail your checks/cheques to Adrienne or Coral,

Adrienne Hammond,
15695 78A Ave.
Surrey, B.C.,
V4N 0X5
Coral Denis
3186 Hertel Rd.
Ladysmith, B.C.
V9G 1C6

or PayPal to Adrienne

Please give us your
· Name
· Address
· Phone Number
· E-Mail Address

And the WINNERS are

The 2015 BC-BIN Fundraiser

Tier One Items

Ticket Prices

$5.00 each
or 3 for $10.00
or 8 for $20.00

Item #A

Drafting Cart

Donated by Pam & Dave Richardson.

Note - not suitable for shipping

Winner - Mickey Anderson (7782994)

Item #B

Royal Prasente Bernese

(3.5 in.)

Donated by Nancy Meier

Winner - Marianne MacDonald (7783157)

Item #C

Sandicast Berner

Sandicast Bernese statue lying down
(10.5 X 6)

Donated by Adrienne & Fred Hammond

Winner - Katie Witt (7783452)

Item #D

Bernese puppy & kitten

Mary Maxim Velour Throw
(48 X 60)

Donated by Adrienne & Fred Hammond

Winner - Dee Henderson (7782980)

<enlarge details>

Item #E

Pacific Girls Print of Original Acrylic

of our girls Cassie and Katie
by local artist Dave Aris.
(24 x 36)

Will be in shipping tube.

Donated by Lisbeth and Bill Plant.

Winner - Dorothy MacDonald (7783196)

Item #F

Sandi Cast style Berner

(5.5 X 7 in)

Donated by Nancy Meier

Winner - Beverly Jones (7783035)

Item #G

Bernese Large Goebel Porcelain statue

(11 X 19 in)

Donated by Nancy Meier.

Note - not suitable for shipping.

Winner - Laura Conzatti (7783757)

Item #H

Dancing Singing Programmable Plush Berner

(12 in.)

Two Berners donated
so two draws will be made

Donated by Adrienne & Fred Hammond,
Jill & Bill Weir

Winner - Mary & Mike Peleschak (7783282)
Winner - Michelle & Ian Hewitt (7783113)

Item #I

Doggie cloth bag lined

(9 inch sq)

Made and donated by Marjie Cherry

Winner - Bonnie Dick (7783326)

Item #J

Doggie fabric bag Lined

(11 in sq )
3 outside pockets

Made and donated by Marjie Cherry

Winner - Marianne MacDonald (7783270)

Item #K

Doggie fabric bag

(11 X 8in.)
with 1 zip, two open pockets inside

Made and donated by Marjie Cherry

Winner - Dee Henderson (7783014)

Item #L

Dog Backpack

fits up to 90 lb. dog

Donated by Lois Williams

Winner - Liz Caldwell (7783169)

Item #M

Painted Toilet Seat

surrounded by Celtic knots

Donated by Sally and Philip Murphy
Kinelarty Kennels, N. Ireland
and Adrienne & Fred Hammond

Note - not suitable for shipping.

Winner - Pam & Terry Knibbs (7783398)

Item #N

Window Framer

Hand Carved and Painted

Donated by Ingrid Miller

Winner - Jette Warman (7783426)

Item #O

Nail Wraps in Berner tri colours

Beautiful tri colour Bead Bracelet and Earrings

Designed and donated by Teresa Glidden

Winner - Miki Saari (7783306)

Item #P

Beautiful Hand Thrown Pottery Bowl

(2.75 in deepx 11.5 in wide)

Donated by Jill & Bill Weir

Winner - Pat Long (7783247)

Item #Q

New Panini press

1500 watts
(14.5 in W X 13in Deep)

Donated by Jill & Bill Weir

Winner - Bev Mossman (7783350)

Item #R

Janet Wissman print

professionally framed
(18.25 x 21.25 in.)

Donated by Denise Birse

Note - not suitable for shipping.

Winner - Deborah & George Bacso (7783438)

Item #S

Bernese Metal Wind Catcher-Spinner

(11 in.)

Donated by Denise Birse

Winner - Bruce & Cindy Malfait (7783412)

{short description of image}

(when flat)

Item #T

Beautiful Berner Colours Leash

(5 ft)

Hand-made by Ian
and donated with such love
by Michelle & Ian Hewitt

Winner - Janet John Cranbrook (7783335)

Item #U

A two night stay in any one of

the 6 Mountain Park Lodges,
Jasper AB

Donated by Bernhard Schneider

Winner - Fran Jones (7783243)

With thanks to all the wonderful people who have contributed here to help our Berners!

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