The 2014 BEHAF Fundraiser

(BEHAF, Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund)

March 3, 2014 to the end of May 2014
The ticket drawing was on Saturday, June 7th

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The mission of the Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund, or BEHAF, is to provide some financial assistance to the owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs throughout the world who are facing extensive and/or unexpected medical expenses for their dog due to catastrophic illness or accidental injury.


For more information about BEHAF

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FAQ For Current Fundraiser

Q - Current Fundraiser:

We are raising money to help provide some financial assistance to owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs who find themselves in need of a little help when their dogs are accidentally injured or develop catastrophic medical conditions. BEHAF has been in existence since 1999. If you have a purebred Berner with health issues, and treatment is being determined by financial constraints, contact BEHAF! They are there to help. Their goal is purely and simply to make a difference in the lives of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Q. How do I participate to win items? -

Ticket prices

Tier One: $5 each...or...6 for $20...or...20 for $50
Tier Two: $1 each...or...6 for $5...or...40 for $25

You can get tickets by mailing a check to Joye Neff made payable to: BEHAF

Mail your check to: Joye Neff, 1182 Firwood Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1881
Be sure to include a note telling Joye how to distribute your tickets for you
Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address

Please Note - BEHAF has a place in their account to portion off rescue funds, so funds that are earmarked for rescue can be separated from the general BEHAF fund. If you prefer to have your donation in the "Rescue" portion of BEHAF, please be sure to write on the check that the funds are for "Rescue." The rescue funds are available through a similar application procedure for dogs in rescue, either to an individual or a club. Once the dog has been adopted, it is no longer eligible for the BEHAF rescue funds, but may qualify for the general BEHAF funds, through the regular application by the owner(s).

If you have any questions, just let me know and I'll clarify or answer them for you!!
Joye Neff

Because of your generosity, Berners in need of medical assistance will be able to be helped. Thank you for participating in our fundraiser for BEHAF!


NEWS FLASH!! - I just received a pledge for $200 to BEHAF as a special friend to Lori's dog, Gally. I have permission to use the tickets as a challenge to others who make a donation to Gally through BEHAF's Special Friend Program. Anyone making a donation to Gally's Special Friend Fund will receive 10 FREE Tier One Tickets.
Gally's Story

An anonymous donor has made a generous donation challenging people who have never made a donation to one of our fundraisers. Anyone who is new to our fundraisers and who makes a donation of $20 or more will get DOUBLE TICKETS for their donation!

Peggy Rickenbach and another anonymous donor have sent generous donations and asked me to use their tickets as a Challenge to get donations from other Berner Lovers! Therefore the next twenty people who make donations of $30 or more will receive their choice of: (1) an additional 6 Tier ONE tickets or (2) an additional 20 Tier TWO tickets.

THANK YOU to the members and the board of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Greater Seattle and the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California who have both made a generous $100 donation to the 2014 BEHAF Fundraiser and have challenged the other clubs in the US and other countries to make donations to the fundraiser. This is a WIN/WIN/WIN situation: (1) BEHAF gets money to help Berners in need, (2) other Berner Clubs in the US and other countries are challenged to make donations to the fundraiser, and (3) the Club now has tickets to try to win prizes which they can use in a fundraiser which will reimburse them for their donation. THANK YOU TO THE BMDCGS and the BMDCNC and to other clubs who will accept the challenge too.

Obviously in order to assist Berners in need, they need donations to build up their fund, and this is where you come into the picture. YOU can make a donation to help Berners in need AND also get chances to try to WIN some fantastic Berner Prizes! You also will get additional Challenge Tickets.

It is a WIN/WIN/WIN situation!!


THANK YOU to the people who sent donations to BEHAF for our annual fundraiser. Unfortunately we did not hit our goal of $7,000 - we did come close though. We were able to raise $6,435, which is just $565 short of our goal. I'm hoping that I will get some surprise checks from generous, caring Berner Lovers who want to help Berners in need. That way, we can still hit our goal!

THANK YOU to the Berner Lovers who donated items for our BEHAF Fundraiser
THANK YOU to Jean Cheesman who made the website for our BEHAF Fundraiser
THANK YOU to all of the Berner Lovers who made donations to the BEHAF Fundraiser
THANK YOU TO BEHAF for helping Berners in need!

Joye Neff and Maine's Xephyr Alpinebear, CGC - "Breeze" - BG #72657
and "Will" (German Shorthair Pointer)
Berner Fundraiser
Mt. Lebanon,
Pittsburgh, PA

Now - here is what you have been waiting for ~


The 2014 BEHAF Fundraiser

Tier 1 Items:

$5 each...or...6 for $20...or...20 for $50

Item #A

Ceramic jar
with fancy top and floral decoration
6.5" tall

This is an authentic items from Heimatwerk, the premier Swiss handicrafts store. They are ceramics from the 1950s to 1970s from Hugo Kohler and Jacob Stucki of Langnau.

Donated by Linda and Bob Seaver

Winner: BMD Club of Canada

Item #B

Wooden carved Berner clock.
The actual clock needs a new battery (watch battery)
but otherwise, it's in perfect shape.

Donated by Kayle Luthey

Winner: BMD Club of Canada

Item #C

Michael Park carved Berner Leash Holder

Donated by anonymous

Winner: BMD Club of Greater Seattle

Item #D

Set of six wine glasses with Berners on them.

Donated by Coral & David Denis

Winner: Jacqueline Schuck


Item #E

Customised Berner Ceramics

The winners can choose one of these items

for their prize to be made especially for them.

Berner Tile Nightlight

Berner Teapot Nightlight

Berner Birdhouse Nightlight

There will be 3 winners so
3 tickets will be drawn.

Does not matter if all of the winners pick the same item

- it is the winner's choice.

The winners may each tell Coral and David which of the three items they want as their customized prize and they will make that item for them.

Donated by Coral & David Denis

Three Winners: Alison Olsen,
Sue Thompson, and George Starosta

Berner Tile Nightlight - enlarge

Berner Teapot Nightlight - enlarge

Berner Birdhouse Nightlight - enlarge

Item #F

Gone Doggin' Tapestry Jacket
size Small

Donated by Anonymous

Winner: Lori Friedli

front photo

back photo

Item #G

Silver Rainbow Bridge Paw Print Pendant

Designed and donated
by Brenda Broome

Winner: Deb Saks

Item #H

Framed and matted
Berners pulling Sled

Donated by Anonymous

Winner: Michele Dominy

Item #I

Gorgeous Berner plate

Donated by Eve Lapolla

Winner: Cathy Gushulak

Item #J

Signed & #'d Lithograph of
"Louis" ~ De-Li's Foreign Touch
by Joe Dalton.

Donated by Helen Hollander

Winner: BMD Club of Canada

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