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2012 BMDCV Rescue Fundraiser
"The Guardian Angel Quilt"

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Victoria (BMDCV) has recently rescued 8 Bernese from a puppy farm in Victoria. A couple have had medical issues which were unable to be rectified and they were assisted over the Rainbow Bridge. However the future for the others is promising. They have had medical checks and are currently in their new forever homes or are in foster homes learning that there is a wonderful life to be had as a Berner. As a result, there has been a significant drain on the Club Rescue Funds assisting these unfortunates.



Felicity our Rescue coordinator wrote this: Warning there will be tears as you read this

Click here for more about these dogs' stories.

There were pictures of some of the dogs on display at the BMDCV Specialty at KCC Park in Melbourne on May 7th. These photos were taken in their first days away from the puppy farm. The fear in their expression was palpable. I felt somewhat helpless but then the idea emerged, a cunning plan evolved and the time is about right. Whilst this project cannot add to BMDCV Rescue funds immediately, it seems to be a good idea. I put my idea forward to the BMDCV Committee and have their blessing to go ahead.

The bottom line: A Bernese Mountain Dog Club Rescue needs help and another quilt to raffle.

The rough timeline is as follows:

June/July 2011: call for expressions of interest in participating

June 2011: send out the common fabrics with the size requirements and postage instructions.

December 2011: quilt blocks to be returned.

January 2012: top complete and sent to the quilters and tickets go on sale. Price: TBA

March 2012: quilt complete and valued.

June 2012- the Winners will be drawn at the 2012 BMDCV Specialty in Melbourne on the 9th of June.

Spectacular results!

34 people including 5 from the USA and 2 quilting groups have made 161 patchwork blocks.

For more on the wonderful work that has gone into the making of these items and for pics of the individual blocks

<click here>

The raffle will now be for not just one quilt but five gorgeous items!

They have now been valuated and have a story to go with them for their governance.

Here are the latest pics!

1st Prize
a king sized quilt called
'Berners are Diamonds'
Valued at $1175 AUD

Sharon Hausenauer

2nd Prize
a queen sized quilt called
'Berners Watch over Me'

Valued at $875 AUD

Barbara LeTourneau

3rd Prize
a double bed quilt called
'Berners Guard my Angel'

Valued at $675 AUD

C Owens

4th Prize
a single bed quilt called
'The Little One'

Valued at $750 AUD.

Lynn Evans


5th Prize
a Cushion cover
(big enough to fit a European Pillow)

Vince Stevens


The tickets will be $2 each or 3 for $5. ....

Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address,
please note ALL tickets are eligible for ALL prizes

Annie Bell will be managing the tickets from Down Under
so this is truly an international effort!

Overseas raffle tickets are being coordinated by Joye Neff.

The same price as in Australia since our currencies are at parity (pretty much).

Make overeas checks/cheques payable to Joye M. Neff.

Joye M. Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
PA 15243-1881

RESULTS June 10th

The fundraiser has been finished and thank you again to all who made blocks, sold tickets and bought tickets. Most importantly thank you to those who helped me scrunch up @$4000 worth of tickets into a kiddie sized wheelie bin - we filled it to the brim! (One job to be delegated next time; particularly when you are also grooming and showing and parading dogs in the Veterans Parade! ) The final amount raised will be published once postage and insurance of the prizes has been taken out and the final cheques arrive with our Treasurer.

Thank you to our international participants who made blocks and others who thought it was a good cause and bought over $1000 worth of tickets, keeping me busy most evenings in the past week.

Thank you to Joye Neff fin Pennsylvania for coordinating the international ticket sales and to Jean Cheesman in the UK for creating and updating the website for me. The promotion of the project would not have been possible without your help.

Lisa Ebnet had HUGE choice to pick winners from. The winners were: Sharon Hausenauer (Sp?) from Maryland won the king - Berners are Diamonds. Barbar LeTourneau from Colorado won the queen -Berners watch over me. C Owens from Terry Hills Sydney won the Double bed quilt - Berners Guard my Angel, Lynn Evans from San Remo on the New South Wales Central Coast won the single bed - The Little One Vince Stevens from Willoughby, Sydney won the European Pillow with the fabric painting of Angus.

Two Aussie winners were delighted that they won having never one anything before. The third didn't remember buying the ticket! One was very delighted as she is a novice quilter and plans to brag to her quilting group next Wednesday.

All prizes with their provenance and (quilts with their valuation certificates) will be posted this week. Hopefully there will not be the drain on the Guardian Angel fund with multiple Berners coming into Rescue all at once this year. I don't think I could ask the Guardian Angel quilters to back up and do it again without a break of a year or so.

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