The 2012 BARC Fundraiser

July 22nd to September 14th 2012
Ticket draw will be Friday, September 21st 2012


BARC, Inc. (Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition, Inc.) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Bernese Mountain Dogs from dog brokers, dog auctions, puppy mills, pet shops and any other dangerous, exploitative or abusive situations. BARC, Inc. places its rescues in loving pet homes as spayed or neutered companions. BARC is a 501(c)3 organization. so part of your donations may be tax deductible - check with your tax consultant to see how to handle your donations.

You can visit their website at:!

Now let's see how much money we can collect. Everyone can participate!! Show your support for BARC by sending in your check today!!

Ticket Prices

Tier 1

$5 each,
3 for $10,
or 10 for $20
Tier 2

$1 each,
8 for $5,
or 20 for $10

Send your U.S. check, payable to "BARC"  to the address below.
Please include the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-Mail Address
  • Number of tickets you wish to purchase for each Tier AND for which item(s) in each Tier
    (PLEASE include item #s and description!)

Send to:
Joye Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1881

(Please note, Joye has a NEW ZIP CODE!!)

** I can accept foreign cheques with no additional fees to convert the funds to US dollars** 
  **All foreign cheques should be made payable to: Joye M. Neff and sent to me at the above address


August 26th '12 - We still have a challenge from Peggy Rickenbacker, in loving memory of her Eaglecaps Big John, aka Zeke, Streaking Man of Steel (4/19/05 - 1/12/12), and from Liz Caldwell. I am extending that challenge to the next 20 people who send a donation for $25 or more. Anyone donating $25 or more will receive TEN additional TIER ONE tickets, a value of $20! This is a great time to send in your donations so you can get the challenge tickets. You also have tremendously good odds to win a prize!


THANK YOU to everyone who made donations to the BARC Fundraiser - we were able to raise $6,844.82 through your generosity. We came within $980.44 of last year's total of $7,825.26.

THANK YOU to the people who donated prizes for the BARC Fundraiser, to the people who made donations to the BARC Fundraiser, to Jean Cheesman who made the wonderful website so you could be tempted to try to win the great prizes, and to BARC for helping Berners in need.

I know that you are all waiting to see who won the 104 prizes in the fundraiser. Here are the lucky winners :

Tier One Items: Ticket prices

$5 each,
3 for $10,
or 10 for $20

Items #A

Beautiful Applique Berner Lap Quilt

Made and donated by Debbie McKinley

WINNER: Tim McNair

{short description of image}
<enlarge> <enlarge>

Items #B

Set of three framed Robert Duncan prints

Donated by Michael O'Hara

WINNER: Michele Guerrini

<enlarge> <enlarge> <enlarge>

Items #C

Ruth Nielsen's Winter with Wheels print
by UK artist Carol Pontin

Print #1 of 250
with Certificate of Authenticity

Donated by Carol Pontin

WINNER: Took Visudtibhan

Item #D

Berner Rescue Cask
(6 inches long)

Donated by Brenda Broome

WINNER: Tom Atkian

Item #E

Santa Berner
approximately 17" tall

Donated by Kayle Luthey

WINNER: Sue Burnham

Item #F

Berner pulling a Berner puppy in a cart
Numbered and framed print by Van Loan
(#28 of 100 prints)

Donated by Michael O'Hara

WINNER: Tim McNair

Item #G

Lederhosen and red Swiss blouse
size 116
(looks like it would fit a small to medium child)

Donated by Amy Nielsen

WINNER: Tom Atkian

Item #H

Pandora look alike bracelet

Donated by Cindi Harry

WINNER: Tim McNair

Item #I

Gift certificate for a Truman Collar and Leash

Donated by Debby Fitch
The Truman Collar

WINNER: Barbara Pelikan


Item #J

A piece of Good Dogma jewelry made just for dog lovers

Lisa has three pieces and the winner can pick which one they like.

Donated by Lisa Hoefinger

WINNER: Kerry Batting

You Had Me At Woof Necklace

K-9 Yin Yang Bracelet Peace With Paw Necklace

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