The 2011 BEHAF Fundraiser

(BEHAF, Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund)

Runs October 13th through December 1st

Ticket Draw December 4th

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The mission of the Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund, or BEHAF, is to provide some financial assistance to the owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs throughout the world who are facing extensive and/or unexpected medical expenses for their dog due to catastrophic illness or accidental injury.


For more information about BEHAF

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FAQ For Current Fundraiser

Q - Current Fundraiser:

We are raising money to help provide some financial assistance to owners of purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs who find themselves in need of a little help when their dogs are accidentally injured or develop catastrophic medical conditions. BEHAF has been in existence since 1999. If you have a purebred Berner with health issues, and treatment is being determined by financial constraints, contact BEHAF! They are there to help. Their goal is purely and simply to make a difference in the lives of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Q. How do I participate to win items? -

Tier One Tickets cost: $5 each.....or

8 tickets for $20.....or
24 tickets for $50
Tier Two Tickets cost: $1 each.....or
6 tickets for $5.....or
30 tickets for $20

You can get tickets by mailing a check to Joye Neff made payable to: BEHAF

Mail your check to: Joye Neff, 1182 Firwood Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1881
Be sure to include a note telling Joye how to distribute your tickets for you
Please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address

Please Note - BEHAF has a place in their account to portion off rescue funds, so funds that are earmarked for rescue can be separated from the general BEHAF fund. If you prefer to have your donation in the "Rescue" portion of BEHAF, please be sure to write on the check that the funds are for "Rescue." The rescue funds are available through a similar application procedure for dogs in rescue, either to an individual or a club. Once the dog has been adopted, it is no longer eligible for the BEHAF rescue funds, but may qualify for the general BEHAF funds, through the regular application by the owner(s).

If you have any questions, just let me know and I'll clarify or answer them for you!!
Joye Neff


THANKS to Peggy Rickenbach and Pat Long, we have a double challenge for the 2011 BEHAF Fundraiser.

Anyone who sends in a donation of $25 or more will get 4 (FOUR) FREE TIER 1 TICKETS~~


Anyone who enters the whelp date for any Berner into Berner-Garde (whether they are already entered in the database or a new entry) will receive 4 (FOUR) FREE TIER 1 TICKETS FOR EACH ENTRY~~

Just send me a note telling me that the names of any Berners you have entered the whelp date for in the Berner-Garde database, and tell me how you want me to distribute your FOUR FREE TIER ONE TICKETS!!

A CHALLENGE TO CLUBS: The Three Rivers' Bernese Mountain Dog Club and the Helderberg Bernese Mountain Dog Club of New York have each donated Berner items from their Ways and Means - I am hoping that all other clubs will also donate an item to the fundraiser from their Ways and Means, so we can raise more money to help Berners in need. THANK YOU!!

November 27th - I have a Challenge from Nell Ward. She donated $75 and gave the tickets (72 Tier ONE tickets) as a Challenge. For the next 12 NEW participants in the online fundraisers - first time to donate money to one of the fundraisers - they will get 6 FREE CHALLENGE TICKETS FOR TIER ONE!!!

November 29th - We have a SPECIAL CHALLENGE FOR folks who have never entered a Berner fund-raiser from Nell Ward. That's right - if you have NEVER entered one of our fundraisers, you will get 6 FREE TIER ONE TICKETS, valued at $30!!! So now is the time to send in your first donation. There are 18 Tier ONE prizes you can try to win so send in your check or cheque right now!!

MY HINT TO EVERYONE: Each fundraiser there are usually a few people who win a LOT of prizes. How do they do it? Well, they send in a check and then put ONE TICKET into every prize envelope!!!


THANK YOU for your support of our 2011 BEHAF (Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund) Fundraiser. We were able to raise $6,203.23 with donations from 32 of the 50 United States, 4 Canadian Provinces and 2 other Countries. Here is the breakdown by state, province and country:

AZ - 2, CA - 4, CO - 3, CT - 2, FL - 2, GA - 2, ID - 3, IL - 3, IN - 3, KS - 3, KY - 1, LA - 1, MA - 9, MD - 5, MI - 3, MN - 2, MT - 1, NC - 5, ND - 1, NE - 1, NJ - 2, NY - 5, OH - 7, PA - 8, RI - 1, SC - 1, TN - 4, TX - 3, VA - 3, VT - 3, WA - 11, WY - 1, British Columbia - 1, Calgary - 3, Manitoba - 1, New Brunswick - 1, Australia - 2, Spain - 1.

Washington state led the pack with 11 donations, followed by Massachusetts with 9 donation, Pennsylvania with 8 donations and Ohio with 7 donations.

Because of your generosity, Berners in need of medical assistance will be able to be helped. Thank you for participating in our fundraiser for BEHAF!

The 2010 BEHAF Fundraiser

Tier 1 Items #A to R

Item #A

This quilt was made by Dino Candelario in 2008 and is being regretfully donated by Pat Long.

Although she hates to part with it, what better fundraiser than one to assist Berners with emergency health needs!

Now Pat is going to have to get Dino to make her a new quilt! We’ll just look forward to seeing that one in a few years as well!

This quilt is about four feet square, with top tabs for hanging the work of art for display

WINNER: Joan Atkian

Item #B

Three matted and framed Robert Duncan prints

Donated by Anonymous

WINNER: Maureen McCormick

Item #C

Beautiful kangaroo braided show lead

Made and donated by Sindi Leo

WINNER: Barb LeTourneau

Item #D

CEO/Parade Style Harness Package:

Harness and traces with solid brass hardware and carting Berner decoration, matching buckle collar and lead, synthetic chest pad, all in a carting decorated tote bag. Custom made, choice of colors:

Donated by
Martha McCormick
All Things Bright & Biothane

WINNER: Molly Bass

Item #E

Hand carved and hand painted Santa with 2 Berners

(one peeking out of the bottom of the robe).
It is approximately 20" tall by 5" deep & 5" wide

Donated by Kayle Luthey

WINNER: Lou Tucker

Item #F

"The Bernese Mountain Dog - A Dog of Destiny"
Written and Photographed by Prof. Dr. Bernd Guenter

This is a copy of the *limited* special edition of the book (numbered; dust jacket). There were only 300 copies of that edition, and there are only a handful left.

Autographed to the winner

Has been dubbed "the Godfather of all Bernese books" and "the ultimate educational literature on the Bernese Mountain Dog."

Donated by Bernd Gunter

Winner: Nancy Bard

Item #G

Bernese Mountain Dog Welcome Sign
These heavy high quality dog signs are produced in the USA and are resin dog reproductions mounted on a solid oak wood sign. The dog measures 11 1/2" in length. The oak wood sign measures 4 1/2" x 15".

Donated by Lindy Kunz

WINNER: Alison Olsen

Item #H

Berner Paw Print Pendant - Series 1

The Berner Paw is a "Very Limited Edition Series" designed and custom made to raise money for Berners. These are hand made by a silversmith, using inlaid gemstones and surrounded by mother of pearl to resemble snow. The stones are set in heavy sterling silver. It measures approximately 1"x1"in size. The photo does not come close to showing it's real beauty. It comes with a sterling silver twisted rope chain and gift boxed. (Chain style may vary.)

Designed and Donated by Brenda Broome

WINNER: Toby Erlichman

Item #I

Berner Paw Print Pendant - Series 2

Brenda has also donated a second pendant

"All profits from these go to BEHAF and the rest goes into making more of these to donate to BEHAF and BARC. This is a special project of mine to continue thanking all of the Berner L list for all they did for my boy Toby. I designed these myself and have a silver smith make them. They are limited edition and numbered"

Designed and Donated by Brenda Broome

WINNER: Liz Bradbury

Item #J

Glass bead necklace and bracelet
in Berner colours.

Donated by Coral Denis

WINNER: Tom Atkian


Item #K

Burgundy Berner Knapsack
12 inches wide
3 inches deep
14 inches long
Strap approx. 24 inches.

Donated by the Three Rivers' Bernese Mountain Dog Club

WINNER: Cynthia Curran

Item #L

Autographed copy of
The Bernese Mountain Dog Yesterday and Today
by Silvana Vogel Tedeschi
English Text by Lindy Kunz

Donated by Silvana Vogel Tedeschi and Lindy Kunz
For further details

WINNER: Carol Lynn Fox

Item #M

Chamilia Graphite Metallic Leather Bracelet
- traditional barrel clasp, two faceted, silver cored, beads, one white with black paw print glass bead

Donated by Nisha Coons, Haus Of Ese
and the good folks at

WINNER: Sharon Hasenauer

Item #N

Statue of a Berner mom with her pups

Painted and donated by Lecia Conroy

This was item #26 on the 2010 Health Auction Website

WINNER: Alexis Smith

<click to enlarge>

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Item #O

WEBKINZ Signature Adopt-a-Pet Bernese Mountain Dog,

This is a brand new Webkinz Signature Series Bernese Mountain Dog which has a code to register him/her online.

The "extras" include three sheets of Webkinz stickers; a pack of Series 1 Webkinz Trading cards, (including a code card); a pack of Webkinz Kinzbands; and a Webkinz plush Kinz Klip called "Mouse" which includes a code to access Zumwhere in Webkinz World.

Donated by the Helderberg Bernese Mountain Dog Club of New York (HBMDCNY)

WINNER: Marsha Schaublin

Item #P

Berner-L Homepage Photos Collection 2009 & 2010

A Celebration of Bernese Mountain Dogs the world over...

From the Yukon to the Deep South...from Germany to Australia...Berners around the globe come together in these volumes of photographs, as seen on the Berner-L homepage in 2009 and 2010.

Aptly captioned by Pat Long, and complimented with lovingly written anecdotes by the owners, these photo collections celebrate Bernese Mountain Dogs from a truly individual perspective.

With laughter, tears, joy and triumph, these dogs share a window into their unique lives, one photo, one memory at a time.

Compiled by Pat Long and Jaime Meyers

WINNER: Suzanne Deering

For the 2009 Berner-l Home Page Photos Collection


For the 2010 Berner-l Home Page Photos Collection

Item #Q

For the Love of Berners

100 pages of rhymes, fun and memories.

Donated by Michelle Keck

3 books have been donated,
so 3 WINNERS will be drawn

WINNERS: Kayle Luthey, Michele Dominy,
and Karen Petersen

Item #R

Very Special Bernese Mountain Dog

Christmas 2011 Gift Box
from Montana Grassland Mixes

Each box contains:
1 Stone Trapper Frybread Mix
1 Porcupine Creek Pancake Mix
1 Prairie Walker Sweet Bannock Bread Mix
1 Justice Coulee Biscuit Mix
1 Prairie Walker Savory Bannock Bread Mix,
1 Garden Gate Salad Dressing Mix

(The proceeds from the sales of these special Gift Boxes go to Berner-Garde)

Donated by Bobbie Abern

WINNER: Alise Burbridge

Top of the Box
Inside of the box

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