The 2010 Health Auction

Logo Thursday May 13th
Cash bar starting 7.30 pm

Olympia Resort
1350 Royale Mile Road
Wisconsin 35066

The total raised was: $45,650!!
Thank You Everyone!

After the cost of processing the credit cards has been deducted... proceeds of the auction will be split between the BMDCA Health Fund and the Berner-Garde Foundation

If you've never been, or even if you've always been, this year's 2010 Health Auction will be different in a number of ways.
Come comfortable, or come dressed to the nines, but do come. We'll have plenty of fun!

We are currently accepting donations for this fundraiser. It is one of the largest fundraisers of the year.

If you are interested in donating an item or making a monetary contribution to this Auction,

Contact Daniel Sernicola at

And now to see some of the many wonderful items donated to this Auction

Items for the Auction!

Item #1

Gail Werth combined her interest in the Bernese Mountain Dog with her creative talents as a wood carver and turned out a limited number of unique carvings. One such carving was chosen as the BMDCA's representation at the AKC Dog Museum. The scenes depict dogs in various activities, including the early days of draft work, agility and obedience. She did a limited number of wood carvings, all of which she has donated to be used as fundraisers. Only a few have been in fundraisers so far, each unique, and each a fantastic work of art - by someone who bred, showed, and worked with her dogs. Although there are no Bernese Mountain Dogs at Broken Oaks kennels these days, their memory is retained through her carvings, true collector pieces.

The piece for the 2010 Health Auction is titled
Bluebell 2 Obedience – 1/2 way over High Jump

Carved and donated by Gale Werth

Item #2

Hand Painted Berner in the Mountains on Slate

Donated by Lilian Ostermiller

Item #3

Standing Berner Statue
9 inches tall

Donated by Lilian Ostermiller

Item #4

Welcome Slate with Drafting Berners
(11 1/2 x 8 1/2)
by artist D. Craig.

Donated by Lilian Ostermiller

Item #5

Berner cast in ore by Randy Pepe
numbered item (#2) by Randy Pepe dated 6/8/88

Donated by Anonymous

Item #6

Vera Bradley Outfit with white blouse
Size 8

Donated by Ann Comfort

Item #7

21 years of Specialty Mugs

Here are two photos of the mugs that I have arranged by years. I have a full set from 1989 to 2009 and have packed them into 2 big boxes to bring to the Specialty. I am hoping to get enough to make 3 more sets!

I have 1 of each (at least) from 1991 on, plus a few earlier ones. I'll just keep collecting them and making sets for future auctions or fundraisers. Joye.

Donated by Dottie Schulte, Carolyn Moore, Michael O'Hara, Fara Bushnell, Anne Copeland, Anya Wittenborg, Joanne Prellberg, Elizabeth Pearson, Roxanne Bortnick, Mary Garbe, Alise Burbridge, Linda Seaver, Karen Baru, Val Horney, Alexis Smith and Joye Neff.....

Item #8

Framed print
2 Berner puppies at the open door...

Donated by Vilma Kistner Briggs

<click here to zoom in on the pups>

Item #9

Berner feather painting from the UK

Donated by Pat Long.

Item #10

Pencil drawing of Darwin by Jennifer Hoover

Donated by Pat Long

Item #11

Large print of the 2010 Logo by Mary Garbe
Limited Edition Print #1 of 50 ~ 11" X 14" image

Matted and framed to approx. 20" X 24"
Certificate of authenticity

"The edition is very limited as I only printed
50 ~ 8 X 10 prints and 50 ~ 11 X 14 prints"

Frame: Wood ~ Black with very subtle Barn-Red highlights

Donated by Mary Garbe

Item #12

THEME: Working Together...Playing Together

Harness & Cart

Style "The Maverick"
Matching harness bag, traces, collar, lead and bell
Decorated RED Biothane fully adjustable SIWASH harness

A wooden competition cart to go along with this,
the cart will have a checkerboard painted on the inside of it

Donated by All Things Bright & Biothane

and Draft Carts for Dogs
(Martha McCormick & Steve Diers)

Cart inside

Item #13

Michael Johnson watercolor

“Prairie Dogs"

Will be framed!

More details to come.

Donated by Pat Long

Item #14

Willem Wijnberg service plate
with Berner and golden edge

Donated by Sherri Starbird

{short description of image}

Item's 15, 16, 17

Raku plates

Made and Donated by Tom and Nancy Giusti

Giusti's Enterprising Art

The term "Raku" came from Japan and has a variety of meanings. The application of "Raku" was first granted to a small ceramics workshop in Kyoto in the late 16th century by the warlord Hideyoshi, and was used both as a family name of the generation and as the name for the wares they produced. The Raku family was famous for producing tea bowls, but also made a variety of serving dishes for food eaten during the tea ceremony. Raku wares were hand built and carved from a porous clay body, decorated with lead glazes and fired one at a time in a small indoor, charcoal kiln

Inspired by these Japanese rough porous low fired pots, Paul Soldner in the 1960's started a Raku movement in the United States. He discovered tossing the hot pots into a reduction can gives the glazes the characteristics that most people now associate with "Raku". They are the crazing of the white glaze, bright flashes of color in the copper glaze and a darkly smoked clay body.

Today "Raku" has evolved from a name given to a ceramics family by a warlord in Japan because of the unique way they fired their pots to a name given to a low fire firing technique used by artist and teachers around the world. The common theme is each piece is fired individually and tells its own story about the fire. This is what gives 'Raku " is strength, flexibly and romance.

Item #18

A BMD mailbox

Donated by a group of BARC families in honor of BARC

Items #19, 20

Leather purses

The dark brown one has "hair on cowhide" on the front, pockets on front, inside pockets good for cell phone, zipper pocket on back

The light leather one is a shoulder bag, two pockets and zipper compartment on front, open pocket on back, inside pockets. It has a heart silver concho on the shoulder strap.

Donated by Joanne Adams



Item #21


(size 25x34)

Donated by Pat Long & Deborah Butler Miller

Meet Alex, or as he was known, multi BISS CH Donar v Mutschen, BMDCA Top Producer of Champions, owned by Hausie and JoDee Hauser.
Most importantly, Alex was a farm dog. Carri Lindblom Borisch knew him well, and shares these memories. One day the older Hauser kids were playing down by the cow pond and JoDee was up in the yard with the youngest child. Alex was very torn about where he should be and spent the day running down to the pond to watch the kids swim and up to the yard to keep an eye on the baby.

Another story took place when Hausie and JoDee took my pup Celeste to the farm for puppy camp. Alex wasn't too thrilled about this youngster following him all over the farm so Alex tricked Celeste into the kids' fenced-in play area, he got out and left her there so he could attend to farm matters in the barn with Hausie.

He was over a year & 1/2 old before he even had a leash on. Carri had agreed to show him and decided that he needed to get out into the show ring before he turned two-years-old.

With just a few training sessions, they headed to Hammond Indiana for two days of shows. They got lucky, there were majors. When Carri took that impressive young dog into the ring, the judge couldn't take his eyes off him. Then he walked up and got a whiff....."Now THAT'S a Farm Dog!" he said. Yes, Alex still smelled like the cow barn. Alex won both days and finished in the next few shows before he had even been taught HOW to be a show dog!

(from this photo)

Item #22

A painting of Diana Gerba's Fidelio
by UK artist Carol Pontin
Donated by Alexis Smith.

Item #23

Wrought Iron Pet Gate

Donated by Brenda Broome

This beautiful pressure mounted dog gate is a simple mission style gate with stylish ornamental rings. It is made of sturdy wrought iron to hold back even the largest of pets. Sturdy, easy to install and require no drilling. Heavy Duty latch opens easily and closes securely. This gate is Mocha color.

Dimensions: 32" tall x 34"-40" wide (max)
Distance between bars - 2 3/8" 30lbs
When gate is fully extended, open spaces on each side can reach 4".

Gap fillers and extensions are available. Latch hardware may vary slightly.

Item #24

Framed original watercolor
by Finnish artist A.Wainio, signed and dated 1994

Donated by Dana and Sue Sanvido
In Memory of Bob Kinley

{short description of image}

Item #25

Berner Paw Print Pendant

Introducing Series II of the Paw pendants

The Berner Paw is a "Very Limited Edition Series" designed and custom made to raise money for Berners. These are hand made by a silversmith, using inlaid gemstones and surrounded by mother of pearl to resemble snow. The stones are set in heavy sterling silver. This one is Series II # 6. It measures approximately 1"x1"in size. The photo does not come close to showing it's real beauty. It comes with a sterling silver twisted rope chain and gift boxed.

Designed and Donated by Brenda Broome

(Brenda also sells these necklaces and 100% of the money goes back to BEHAF or some other Berner cause. The money is either donated or used to have more of these made to donate)

Item #26

Statue of a Berner mom with her pups

Painted and donated by Lecia Conroy

Item #27

Free form Berner Quilt, titled "You Called"
Size is approximately 30" x 22"

"It will come with a hanging rod in a sleeve on the back and I will deliver it when I get to WI - it is from a photo of my beloved boy Jasper, whom I lost last April at the age of nine!"

Donated, pieced and machine quilted by Murray Johnston.

"Well - I just finished my piece for the health auction, I am very excited about this one - the only real problem is going to be letting it go!:-("

Item #28

Berner Stool
24" high with the seat area 14" in diameter.
BMD burned in parawood, colored with oil pencils, and a minimum of six coats of UV protection poly finish

Donated by the artist - Carol of

Item #29

An original painting by Anne Mainman
"She is very well known and respected in the Newfoundland world, and this is the first and only Bernese painting which she has done exclusively for us!"
Mounted and framed.

Donated by Jon Peck

Item #30

This magnificent quilt was made by Kate Elders,

a long time Berner breeder from Maine.

You quilters may recognize all the different styles of traditional quilting contained in this beautifully colored quilt! And as we all know, there is more than likely to be plenty of Berner fur lovingly embedded here and there!

Made and Donated by Kate Elders

Item #31

A Bernese Basket includes:
Authentic Black Leather Collar from Bern's Market
Several boxes of Swiss chocolates
A Swiss Cross/Edelweiss cookie tin
Swiss Photo Calendars
Wooden Chalet Box

Donated by Patty and Pascal Gartmann
Chalet Bernese

Item #32

Michael Dunn's Lily running in the snow

Painted by UK artist Russ Abbott

acrylic on stretch canvas
11 x 14" original

Donated by Brenda Broome

For Lily's page on Berner Veterans
<click here>

Item #33

Herding-themed donation

1 dog bed, featuring wild-eyed sheep cotton fabric
backed with cream colored fleece
adorned with toffee-colored paw prints.
Approx 33 x 50".

1 Berner-garde limited edition herding ornament

2 fabric ornaments, approx. 3" square,
featuring selected sheep from the wild-eyed sheep fabric

The herding folks won't want to miss a chance at these unique items!

Donated by Stephanie Bicksacky

- with a little help from friends!

The sheep included in the package may be slightly different than these pictured

Item #34

Specialty-themed quilt

The quilt is approximately 54 x 70".
The front is pieced cotton fabric and the back is black fleece with brown ultrasuede dog bones machine appliqued on.

Made and donated by the Inland Northwest Quilters,
Debra Bammel, Stephanie Biksacky, Dino Candelaria,

Vicky Hall, Amy Pannell and Vicky Whitney.

Item #35

Bring on the Beads!

Libby Smith loves to design and make one-of-a-kind necklace and earring sets. This year's set is made of Swarovski crystal bicones and rounds from Austria, gold plated dog bones spacers, and a dog bone and dog collar toggle made of Antique gold. The focal is meant to appear as the Swiss cross on all of our Berners. A pair and a spare in matching earrings is included.

Libby thinks having beads and Berners in her life is just about as good as it gets.

This set is offered in grateful thanksgiving for Scotty's continuing recovery from the FCE he suffered on February 5, 2010.

Made and Donated by Libby and Walter Smith

Items # 36, 37 & 38

Original Digital Art by Dawn Gabig
Classique Photography & Graphics.

One Adult Female Bernese Mountain Dog

One Adult Male Bernese Mountain Dog

One Puppy Female Bernese Mountain Dog

All Custom framed.
approximately 18" x 24" or larger

Donated by Dawn Gabig

Item #39

A Berner Wheel Cover

Custom made and featuring the winning bidder's Berner/s

Here is an example, taken from this photo of
Da Boys!

Donated by Annie Bell

Item #40

Framed photo of Gertie

from a limited edition print

The size of the print (art area) is 36 x 15,
there is a 1-2" border all around,
details of the framing to come.

This beautiful photo of a working dog at work

Art donated by Beth Schmoyer
Printing donated by Bob Jones of the Imagesmith, LLC

<Click here>
to see the enlarged print

Item #41

Pillow with Fidelio....

...The King of Costumes in one of his favorites...

...King Tut...

Made and donated by Diana Gerba

In Loving Memory of Fidelio

Item #42

Original Painting by artist Lana Goldstein
Acrylic on canvas

CH Trillium's Talkin' Up A Storm JSB RA CGC
Therapy Dog

Donated by Lana Goldstein and Beth A. Schmoyer

Item's #43, 44

Painted and framed feathers
by well-known Maine artist, Nicki Nickerson

. Donated by Judy and Jon Cons

Click to enlarge

<click to enlarge>

Item #45

This lovely oil painting by Lee Ann Shepherd

is small, but a true beauty!

It measures 10 x 10, and is painted on wood.

Donated by Michael O’Hara

Item #46

. Inlaid wood art.
It is 3 feet wide and huge.

Donated by the North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

Items #47, 48

Glass art pieces

The first is similar to last year's raffle plate

The second is a clear plate with a Berner on it.
(The photo shows a round plate but the one I am sending is actually square).

Donated by Betsy Kirby Designs

Item #49

Donated by Beverly Hilmes

Bookmark this page and check regularly as there will be many new additions.

For the 2010 BMDCA Specialty

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